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When DYI Must Give Way to DET


If you are a modern, industrious homeowner, you are well aware of the meaning of the acronym DYI. In fact, you pride yourself on your ability to “do it yourself.” There is another acronym that will pay dividends to homeowners who know and understand it: DET. What does it stand for: “do not even try.” There are some household projects that call for such professional expertise that, tempted as you may be, it is much wiser to call in licensed contractors. It is always more preferable, by the way, to call in contractors before you start a project that is beyond your area of expertise rather than waiting until after an epic, possibly dangerous fail.

Common Sources of Electrical Fires

The notion of not trying to exceed your ability is particularly important when it comes to any sort of electrical project management Philadelphia PA. It is important to know that there are about 30,000 electrical fires houses fires in the country each year resulting in around 300 deaths. What are the sources of these fires?

  • Dated electrical systems. Homes with wiring and breaker boxes over 20 years old really need to be inspected.
  • Overwhelmed extension cords. These cords are rated by the amperage they can handle.
  • Older appliances plugged into improper outlets.
  • Improperly located electric heaters. These tend to end up near curtains, bedclothes and other flammable surfaces.

Some Shocking Electrical Advice

Electrical contractors are most interested in the safety of their customers. To promote your well-being, there is one tidbit of wisdom about the safe repair of electrical items they wish to share.

When it comes to electrical projects, know your limits. If you are unaware of the codes and proper procedures involved in an electrical upgrade, replacement or repair then be safe and call it a DET project—call in the professions and pat yourself on the back for making good decisions


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