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When is it Time to Replace Your Home’s Old Water Heater?


A water heater provides us with many benefits. Whether we want to have a nice warm shower or clean water for cooking, we can rely on our heating units to be there. However, after a certain amount of time, they begin to lose the abilities that they once had. The following are just some of the many signs that you can look for to determine when a change is needed. If you need a water heater installation in Kyle, TX, you can trust the team from BenjaminBL Plumbing to help.


Water heaters can only last so long. Just like any type of appliance, they have a lifespan that can vary depending on their maintenance and usage. For water heaters, that lifespan is between ten and 15 years. You may determine the age of your water heater by glancing at the serial number written by the manufacturer; the first two numbers indicate the year it was manufactured. If your water heater is past its prime, contact a plumbing firm to explore replacement choices.

Rust on Heater or in Water

Rust is another surefire sign that your heater needs to be replaced. After wear and tear, parts of your system can become corroded, rusting song the way. In some cases, the rust can fall off into your water supply, making it unacceptable to drink or use. You will be able to tell by any change of color or odor when you turn on a faucet. Your water may also appear cloudy in this case.

Leaks in Your System

Leaks are often a source of annoyance in homes. Whether it be a dripping faucet or something much more major, leaks can be a sign that there is something wrong with your piper or water heater. Leaks in your heater may be another result of the rusting and corrosion that has come with its age. If you notice a puddle around your unit, you should get it checked on immediately. While it may be a quick fix, if you notice constant repairs, it may be easier to just replace the whole heater.

Lack of Hot Water

The main job of a water heater is to heat your water, so if it can’t do that, then something must be wrong. Though you might not notice it at first, the first sign would be if it takes a while for hot water to even come through. Start timing the process if you are concerned about it. If it increases in time, getting help is the way to go. Your water bill may increase otherwise.

Weird Noises

Just like with any appliance, noises that you are not used to are a call for concern. While some water heater systems are noisy, you should really look out in case they make popping or knocking noises. This can be caused by sediment buildup, which will cause your unit to work less efficiently.

Getting a New Water Heater

Thankfully a plumbing expert can be there to help you figure out the best solution to your problem. If the issue is minor enough, you may just need a little tuneup, but other times you might be urged to get a new system. The same plumbing can help you with this. Residents in Kyle, Austin, and Buda, TX, go to BenjaminBL Plumbing. Their team can help you not only install a new heater but help you care for it for years.



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