When Should You Replace Your Home’s Old Water Heater?


The benefits of having a water heater are extensive. Our water heaters never fail to supply us with hot water for a relaxing bath or potable water for dinner. After a certain amount of time, however, they start to lose their powers. Some of the many signs that something needs to be altered are listed below. Honest Abe’s Home Services is the place to go for a replacement or repairs to your water heater. Because they offer emergency plumbing in Osage Beach, MO, they can get there quickly.

A Scarcity of Hot Water

A water heater’s primary function is to heat your water, so something must be wrong, right? Though you may not notice it at first, the first sign would be if it takes a long time for hot water to come through when you try to shower or wash your dishes.

If you are concerned about the problem, start timing it. If it continues to take longer than expected, seeking assistance is the best course of action. Not only is it inconvenient to wait so long for it to heat up, but you are wasting water and increasing your water bills.


Water heaters have a finite lifespan. Like any other type of appliance, they have a lifespan that can vary depending on maintenance and usage. Water heaters have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. When was the last time you had a replacement?

If you are unsure, you can look at the serial number written by the manufacturer; the first two numbers indicate the year it was manufactured. Call Honest Abe’s Home Services for assistance if your water heater is past its prime.

Rusted Water and Heater

Rust is another sure sign that your heater needs to be replaced. Parts of your system can corrode over time, rusting song the way. In some cases, rust can fall into your water supply, making it unsafe to drink or use. When you turn on a faucet, you will notice any change in color or odor. In this case, your water may appear cloudy as well.

System Leaks

Leaks are a common source of annoyance in homes. Leaks, whether from a dripping faucet or something much more serious, can indicate that something is wrong with your plumbing or water heater. Leaks in your heater could be another sign of rusting and corrosion caused by its age. If you notice a puddle around your unit, you should have it checked out right away. While it may be a quick fix, if you notice frequent repairs, it may be easier to replace the entire heater.

Strange Noises

Noises that you are not accustomed to are cause for concern, just as they are with any appliance. While some water heaters are noisy, you should be wary of any popping or knocking noises. Sediment buildup can cause this, causing your unit to work inefficiently.

Getting a New Water Heater

Fortunately, a plumbing expert such as Honest Abe’s Home Services can assist you in determining the best solution to your problem. If the problem is minor enough, you may only need a minor tune-up, but you may be advised to purchase a new system. In any case, their team has your back and can assist you. Residents in Osage Beach, Camdenton, and Eldon, MO, rely on them for dependability and truly transparent pricing. Once they have installed your water heater, you will be able to rely on them whenever you need assistance with it in the future.


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