Why Buying an Apartment is better Than Renting in Bangalore?


Considering the existing real estate scenario in Bangalore, experts recommend that buying a new apartment is better than renting. Many external factors are influencing the property prices, which you can take advantage of and buy an apartment.

EMIs and rents often tally

When you look for rental apartments in Bangalore concerning locality, spacious rooms, and equipped with modern amenities then the rents will be significantly high. Several developers like Prestige Group deliver quality homes and the EMI to be paid every month is near the rent you would otherwise pay.

It doesn’t matter how long you stay and pay rent. The apartment will never be your property. If you choose to buy then the EMIs you spend every month will in the end get the apartment registered under your name. Check Prestige Primrose Hills, a new residential project located at Kanakpura.

Access to home loans is easy

With a steady income source, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a homeowner because you will easily gain access to a housing loan. The process has become convenient and quick. You can buy a suitable property without any delay.

Tax benefits

With the right investment, you can save significantly on taxes. Housing loans are tax deductibles, which is great to totally enjoy an increment.

Great long-term investment

People prefer to invest in gold, shares, mutual funds, etc. You can choose Primrose Hills located in Bangalore’s Southern region as an investment for the future. It is in the first phase of development but in 3 to 4 years the real estate rates will escalate.

You can rent it to decrease the EMI burden. Property accompanies appreciation value and not depreciation. Thus, you can benefit from a good price in future.

Staying in your own home is a great feeling of freedom that nothing can beat! Modify and customize the home as you please!


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