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Why Clean Your Roof


When we live in a house or an apartment, we take care above all to maintain our interior, to do two or three jobs, but it often happens that we forget an essential thing! Your roof!

Because it is what makes your home so pleasant in bad weather and protects you, it is, therefore, necessary to think of maintaining and cleaning it from time to time, a maintained, cleaned, and treated roof can last from 40 to 60 years.

You should know that a poorly maintained roof wears down 10 times faster than a well-treated roof. This is due to the many mosses and plants such as lichen, algae, mushrooms, etc.

Depending on the type of roof, it is advisable to call in professional softwash roof cleaning oahu hi to avoid any accident. Below is how to do it yourself.

3 Tips To Know And Respect Before Starting A Roof Cleaning:

Anti-foam Treatment

It is done with certain equivalent products, and it kills the roots and the plants embedded in your tiles. Place the product when the weather forecasts eight hours without rain to let it work.

Do not rinse your Newcastle roofing after impregnation because the product offers a residual effect from 3 to 5 years. A well-done treatment will protect your roof for a while from harmful plants that could have rubbed and damaged your tiles.

Water Repellent Treatment

This protects your tiles from dirt from pollution but also from rain and frost, which could erode them. In addition, this contributes to the self-cleaning of your tiles. The tiles no longer absorb the water, it trickles and takes with it all the dirt deposited on your roof.

Re-coloring Of Your Roof

You can now, if your roof is already well worn, consider a recoloring of your tiles, this will change the overall look of your house and give it a second life.


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