Why Do People Choose Infinity Properties?


One of the fastest-growing career fields seems to be real estate. Due to the flexibility of hours and the chance to become your own boss, many are taken in by the incentives. However, this can also cause some issues. With so many real estate agencies out there, how do you know who to choose when you want to buy or sell your home?

While the answer to that question is subjective, there is one company that offers real estate in Denver unlike any other- Infinity Properties. For decades, we have been a top choice for residents who are looking for a chance to live luxuriously. Why might that be? Let us tell you all of what we can do.

Customize Your Home

Our most recognized area of expertise is our custom home builds. We want to make sure that you get exactly what you want in an extravagant location. The homes we build are not like the typical ones you see. Featuring anywhere from three to seven bedrooms, our modern home designs offer families wide, open spaces.

We have designated communities for different homes, as well. Currently available are:

  • Alto (3-5 bedrooms)
  • Luxe (5-7 bedrooms)
  • Vector (4-7 bedrooms)
  • Vive (4-7 bedrooms)

Featured in Central Park and The Canyons, these award-winning areas each hold their own unique amenities. If you want a penthouse, we suggest Alto. If you want to have more accessibility to the outdoors, Vector is right for you.

No matter which area sounds right for you, one common goal is making you happy. Though we offer you the floorplan ideas, what we do with that space is all up to you and your dreams.

Beautiful Move-Ins

Of course, not everyone has the patience to build their home from scratch, so we have a few already-built designs ready for you to enjoy. This means that even if you do not build your own home, you still have access to the same beautiful architecture and spaces you might want!

This is the perfect opportunity for those who do not want to wait around for a new home to get finished or for those who don’t have any specific home plan in mind. Unlike other homes on the market, you can be sure that there will be little to no problems that need to be addressed.

Some of the current homes we have available include amenities such as patios, wet bars, and gourmet kitchens. Full galleries showing off each of these homes can be found on our website.

Grand Apartments

Maybe you aren’t looking for a home yet, or you are just beginning to live independently. Fortunately, Infinity Properties also offers you access to some of the finest apartment complexes in the LoHi area:

  • 1600 boulder
  • Tejon Heights
  • The Bell & Palmer

These complexes are featured near excellent shops, restaurants, and parks. Better yet, all are pet friendly! Just like the home communities, these complexes are all unique, too!

For those looking to live modestly, 1600 Boulder has smaller, fully furnished units with onsite laundry. Tejon Heights gives you access to your own laundry appliances, a parking garage, and a fitness center.

However, those who want to live the most extravagantly can choose The Bell & Palmer, as it includes an open third-floor lounge, an artisan coffee shop, as well as a pet spa! Your loved ones will want to visit you all of the time when you choose any of these complexes.

Infinity Properties has the mission of treating you to the things that you deserve most. We don’t simply want to just sell you a house and hope you like it for a few years. We want to give you a home or apartment that you love so much you will never want to leave.

Let us be the real estate agency you deserve. Call us today to find out more ways we can assist you.


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