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Conduits are essential in all concrete buildings. They are used for running through concrete slabs and walls. A core drill is required for creating these conduits. It is a task that should only be carried out by an experienced and professional Core Drilling Contractor Toronto. 360 Demo is known for providing unmatchable core drilling services. There is a lot more to core drilling than what meets the eye. It is a service that needs to be customised as per the requirement. Since its inception, they have established its reputation for providing its clients with unwavering, best in class service. Following are some reasons why you should opt for 360 Demo.

When should you consider core drilling?

Core drilling should be considered when a channel needs to be created for the installation. It creates channels for HVAC openings, floor drains, plumbing, sewer tie-ins and sewer drains, handrails, anchors, air vents and dryers, electrical services, light fixtures, sampling concrete, and communication services, making manholes and roadway holes.

What happens in core drilling?

Drilling the core requires the usage of diamond bits. Carrying out the task can be expensive. For operating the equipment, special training is required. Only an experienced professional can create precise conduits using the equipment. Someone who has never dealt with the equipment will not know how to assemble and use the drill properly. As it is a task that requires precision, training and customization, you can count on 360 Demo for it. Their contractors are highly trained and have the right knowledge to use the equipment properly to deliver precise results.

Why should you reach out to 360 Demo?

With over decades of combined experience, 360 Demo has dedicated itself to providing its clients with top class service at the best competitive pricing in the market. What makes them stand out from the crowd is their team of highly trained professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and training to use the specialized tools. These tools enable them to carry out the task with ease and precision. Since their inception, they have carried out multiple projects and no project is too small for them to take on.

They understand that when a client is approaching a company for their services they have certain expectations in mind. Each client is given a priority at the 360 Demo. The company is transparent with its clients. When they take on a task, they do it within the promised time frame and within the said budget. You don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. They provide complete solutions to their clients, including electrical, plumbing and mechanical trade solutions. 360 Demo has the equipment and knowledge to drill holes of any size. They have the necessary equipment to even drill through concrete slabs.

While carrying out the task, the professionals ensure that all the precautions are taken for safety of the sight and the workers. They always adhere to high standards. The professionals at 360 Demo undergo constant training to ensure that the work done is of the best quality.



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