Why water causes more health problems than you expect?


As per the global health reports from world health organization one of every five diseases that occur in human being is either direction or indirectly related to water. Thus the saying of water being the other name of life has become water is the other name of disease. Now to some it seem an exaggeration but if you look at the facts if the statement you can very easily notice that if the water that is either consumed directly or used indirectly is not pure or at least made soft then it is bound to cause problems in future. It is an well known fact that if there are contaminants such as heavy metals present in your drinking water then sooner than later you are bound to get diseases like itai itai, black foot, etc. Even if you consider the case of bathing or washing water, that too needs to be soft so that any hair problem or skin problem does not occur in future. Now one may think what can one do to save his family from this water crisis.

What does soft water means and how one produces some at home?

Well to save yourself and your family from water ratee health crisis you must install whole house water softener in the first place. Now some may wonder what soft water means. Well, hard water means that there is high level of dissolved salts in the water and not only salts but other components and contaminants are also present in the water as well. Now that you know what water softener dies, you also need to understand the qualities that make up the best water purification systems.

How the four layers filtration system works in case of CF1 filtration system?

Now when you are considering water purification system, the first one and also the best one that one must consider is the springwell CF1 whole house water softener. In this new model from springwell you get four layers of water filtration system. The first one is a pre-filtration sediment paper of 5 micron filtration capacity. The first one helps in removing large particulate matters such as sand, soil particles, etc. The second chamber or better to say layer is composed of KDF bed. This second layer helps in removing metal particles such as copper and zinc and also some other heavy metal components of the water. The third one is made up of high quality coconut shell. The organic coconut shell helps in removing the organic salts and components of the water. The last chamber helps in removing the channeling of hard water. Thus with the new CF1 filtration system you get the very best quality water softener and purification system in your home.

How uv radiation treatment helps in softening the water at home?

Apart from the CF1 filtration system you can also install the new uv radiation chamber from springwell which helps in removing microbial components such as viruses and bacteria from the water. Because as we all know that UV radiation kills most of the microbes thus installing the uv radiation chamber after the whole house purification system is one of the best choices you could make fir your home.

Get the best quality water filtration system from springwell

So if you are interested in getting the best quality water purification system in the first place then make sure you get it from springwell. Springwell currently charged no installation fee for the filter and also gives a life time warranty for the water filtration system in the first place. Thus if you are into getting the new CF1 whole house water filtration system from the house of springwell then you better get in touch with them via their official website.


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