Why You Should Consider a Smart Toilet


When you think about devices in your home that are used the most often, you should consider your toilet to rank high, if not at number one. Just about everyone has to use it whenever they need to relieve themselves, and this action is done multiple times a day. After years of use, you must replace your toilet, mainly when it no longer works to its utmost ability.

While you could opt for something similar to your older model, you can also consider a decision that comes with much more functionality and extra features, like a smart toilet. Although having something so modern is more of a waste of money, the investment can be worthwhile. If you need proof, keep reading and see precisely what you could benefit from.

More Water-Efficient

Whenever you flush, you are wasting a lot of extra water; that is just the truth. In fact, you could be using as much as eight gallons of water with every flush. Considering how often you perform this task, that really racks up, and your utility bills are bound to show it. If you have an older toilet, they could be doing worse damage if they are prone to “sweating.”

With any new toilet model, especially with smart toilets, you will be cutting on water y a lot. This is because they often come with an aerator which causes a low flow function. Many of these units instead will flush as little as two gallons of water during each use.

Accessible for All

Even though you might not have trouble going to the bathroom, the same cannot be said for everyone. Some individuals struggle to wipe or even sit down. Whether it be due to a disability or be due to anal infection, relieving themselves can feel more like a challenge.

A smart toilet can come with functions that make the process much easier and possibly hands-free. This is because they often come with sensors that allow them open and shut their own lid. Many smart toilets also come with a seat warmer, so sitting down for a more extended period of time is much more comfortable.

Want to enhance this? You could even opt for a smart toilet that has a bidet, like the Swan S Pro from Swan Toilets. Because it comes with a custom-controlled sprayer and air dryer, users do not have to worry about wiping away with toilet paper. This can release tension for those with hemorrhoids and also makes for more effective cleansings.

Less of a Chore

When it comes to tasks that people ignore, scrubbing the toilet is one of the most common. After all, who wants to kneel down with their face close to the bowl? This can not only feel gross, but the chemicals you use might not be the safest for your health.

Many smart toilets like the Swan S Pro are able to do the task on their own and in a much safer manner. With the aforementioned option, the unit will spray itself using a mix of microbubbles and nitrogen to wash away any bacteria. It will then flash itself with a UV light to complete the job. Even better, because smart toilets open and shut themselves, you will never have to worry about contaminants wafting into the air.

Customize Your Whole Experience

Every person has their own preferences, and even though going to the bathroom is just a regular occurrence, there is no reason you should not make it enjoyable. Not only can you benefit from it, but your guests will be wowed and a little jealous whenever they visit.

When you choose the Swan S Pro, the chance to bespoke the process is even greater because of the bidet feature. In total, there are 37 different integrations found in the remote or through the smartphone app. Not only can you control the temperature and pressure of the bidet sprayer, but you can move the angle so that you are guaranteed to get all parts of your nether regions.

The Swan S Pro also comes with a handy guide and installation manual that is readily available online before you even buy one. This will allow you to know if it is an investment you want to make. After you watch a demo, you are surely not going to hesitate and will immediately be adding one or two to your shopping cart.

Other areas of the home have already become advanced through smart technology. Why not make the bathroom a part of this movement? A smart toilet like the Swan S Pro is your best bet when you’re ready to turn a mundane task into an experience unlike any other.



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