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3 Resourceful Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Clean


Incorporating a cleaning routine is vital to maintain the beauty of your hardwood floor. Considering a wood surface endures excessive foot traffic, performing specific maintenance techniques can revitalize its appearance. Read further for a few easy yet safe practices to clean your floor daily or weekly.

Use a Wood Cleaner

Some individuals believe that soap and water are suitable to clean a wood surface. Yet, they’re unaware that both substances can cause severe damage to the finish. In addition, residue can develop and cause dullness along with noticeable streaks. An effective deep cleaning product can penetrate hardwood grain and remove stubborn stains such as oil and grease.  

If you prefer to rely on a specialist to use a high-strength solution, professional full service flooring Gaithersburg MD is a suitable choice to meet your expectation.

Dust or Sweep Regularly

Dusting ensures that you grab each particle in all areas and hard-to-reach corners. Although some specks of dirt are too tiny for the human eyes to see, an efficient cleaning tool can help you avoid leaving traces of dust. A dry mop is excellent for picking up pet hair and debris while cleaning gently due to its woven fiber.

Sweeping is another method to maintain your wood flooring because it pushes dust in one direction if you’re careful. However, it would be wise to choose a broom with soft bristles to avoid scratches. You can also opt to use an electric sweeper that traps particles rather than transfers them to another area.

Vacuum Consistently

As a standard technique, vacuuming can help you rid your floor of accumulated dirt and crumbs quickly. Not only should the suction be powerful, but also be able to remove remnants from crevices and nooks between wooden planks.

As you can see, there isn’t a science to keeping your hardwood floor spotless. Cleaning is necessary to restore the wooden surface and also to build a habitual routine.


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