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3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Backyard More Inviting


Your backyard is an important extension of your living area. Set up your backyard or patio so it’s fit to comfortably entertain family and friends all year long.

Provide Shade

While being outside is both enjoyable and good for your health, too much sun exposure can cause damage to your skin. For days where you need some extra shade, use a large umbrella or awning to block the heat along with the sun’s harmful UV rays. Install a retractable canopy kit for an easy way to provide cover when needed. If you encounter unexpected rain, you can save your backyard gathering by quickly extending your retractable canopy. For extra protection from wind or rain, try using a canopy tent that includes sidewalls.


Your decorations can be both functional and aesthetic. Try to find items that reflect your personality. Decorate your outdoor furniture with plenty of cushions, pillows, and camping blankets for additional comfort. Invite everyone to gather around a cozy propane fire table. Propane fire pits and fire tables are typically easy to use and great for providing light and heat. Unlike a traditional backyard fire pit, you won’t have to worry about burning wood to keep it going. Set up lanterns or solar-powered garden lights to illuminate different areas around your yard to make it more accessible at night.

Avoid Bugs

Protect your guests from bugs and pests with citronella candles and tiki torches. Keep a supply of bug spray ready for people to use as needed in case mosquitos continue to be a bother. You can even add a mosquito net around your gazebo or canopy for an additional layer of protection. Attract bugs away from your guests by planting flowers in a nearby garden. If you don’t have the space in your yard to plant a garden, you can use a vertical garden planter that stands upright or hangs.

No backyard is complete without these essential items and decorations.



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