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4 Plumbing Jobs You Shouldn’t Do By Yourself


When it comes to plumbing Sydney jobs you want to take on, it’s better to assess the problem first before picking your handy wrench. Sure, DIY videos on YouTube are convincing and engaging, but make sure that you are not biting off more than you can chew.

Installing, changing, or maintaining your home’s plumbing is against the law unless you are a licensed plumber. Each state in Australia has its own committee that is authorized to sanction people who conduct their own plumbing without a license. It is important that you familiarize yourself with plumbing laws.

Plumbers are professionals who are certified and licensed to tackle your plumbing projects, from a simple leak to a full-on water piping installation. Hiring licensed plumbers will save you a lot of trouble since it ensures that your plumbing will comply with plumbing regulations. It will also save you from unnecessary risks that may affect your safety.

Here are some plumbing jobs that you shouldn’t take on by yourself.

Unclogging your sewer line

Clogged sewer lines can be huge trouble since it affects the entirety of your plumbing system. If ignored, it can result in damaged floors, walls, and furniture. This job will require special tools and a lot of technical expertise from a professional and licensed plumber. This is not something you can DIY your way into fixing.

Finding leaks

Sometimes you will notice a drop in water pressure in your water supply, and yet your water bill is skyrocketing. This is an alarming sign that you might have a leak somewhere in your water pipeline.

While some leaks can be easily spotted, there are instances where the leak is located somewhere underneath your house or within your walls. The easiest way to put your mind at ease is to call a professional plumber.

Dealing with a burst pipe

Leaving a leaky pipe can worsen quite fast and may lead to a burst pipe. This is something that would qualify as an emergency and needs the expertise of a professional plumber. Slapping a patch on your own won’t solve a burst pipe, since this is only a temporary fix for a minor issue such as leaks.

Usually, a plumber would solve this with a pipe replacement, where the old and faulty pipe gets detached securely before replacing it with a new one.

Repairing your water heater

If you’re faced with an issue that involves your water heater or anything that deals with high temperatures or electricity, it is a no-brainer that you should call a professional. There are a lot of risks involved and only a licensed plumber can handle such project.

If you went ahead and dealt with this alone, you can burn yourself with scalding hot water at the very least or accidentally release carbon monoxide into your own home.

Hiring Licensed Professional Plumbers

It can be quite tempting to take on these problems yourself. Aside from saving money, you can have it fixed (temporarily) in no jiffy. But the issues listed above require a certain amount of technical expertise on plumbing that cannot be easily learned by your typical homeowner.

Not to mention that dealing with these complicated problems with no plumbing license can get you penalized. There’s a reason why it takes a long time for plumbers to acquire their license and get certified to work as professionals. Hiring experts to deal with these problems is the most efficient way to put your mind at ease.


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