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4 Reasons to Call An Arborist For Your Home Yard


Is your tree taking over your backyard, its thick branches growing closer and closer to your roof? Maybe your tree isn’t growing at all and has brittle branches that snap off in the slightest breeze. Either way, it’s time to summon the tree doctor. Here are four reasons to call an arborist Marietta GA.

  1. Soil Quality Assessment 

Your tree’s health depends on soil quality. Soil’s critical functions include cycling nutrients to plants, managing water flow from precipitation and irrigation, filtering toxins and physically supporting roots. Brittle limbs and leaf discoloration are signs that your soil could use a boost. Arborists will test your soil’s quality and tell you how you can improve it.

  1. Pest Prevention  

Sawdust-like material surrounding your tree and holes in its trunk are just two of the many signs that insects are taking over. If left uncontrolled, an infestation can destroy your tree. An arborist will diagnose the infestation type and prescribe a plan to heal your tree and prevent a future insect problem.

  1. Growth Management 

An arborist can help you maintain your tree’s health by trimming overgrown branches, which can damage your property or compromise the tree’s health by making it lopsided. An arborist may recommend tree cabling, which provides extra stability and strength for mature trees and weak branches.

  1. Lightning Rod Installation

When lightning strikes, will it hit your tree? The taller the tree, the greater its risk of getting struck. A lightning strike could destroy your tree and even cause it to topple onto your property. Arborists can install a lightning rod to mitigate the risk of a strike. An insurer may offer credit towards lightning rod installation.

Whether it’s diagnosing a pest infestation or pruning branches, an arborist possesses the expertise and skill to help you maintain your trees so they will flourish for years to come.



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