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4 Reasons To Use Termite Tent Fumigation OnThe Yard


If you’ve just found out you’ve got a termite infestation, it needs to be dealt with now. Termites can do extensive damage to your home and they reproduce very quickly. While there are different ways to eliminate termites, you want one that’s fast and effective. Here are four reasons that tent fumigation works the best.

  1. Swift and Efficient

With any pest infection, including termites, you want the nightmare over as soon as possible. To get rid of termites in the most effective manner ever, choose tent fumigation. After your home is inspected, it only takes about 72 hours depending on your house size. This is the most efficient way to kill termites.

  1. Reaches Every Corner

With tent fumigation, your entire house is encapsulated with a plastic tent. When the fumigant is released, it seeps into every crevice of your home including floorboards and walls. This kills both active termites and their larvae. Once the process is over, the home is ventilated and no residue is left behind.

  1. Completely Safe

Tent fumigation is extremely potent and lethal to termites, but it’s safe for you. However, you need to follow a professional’s exact instructions to prepare your home for fumigation. You will not be allowed inside the house after it’s been sealed off, and it will be tested before you return.

  1. Only Needs To Be Done Once

Tent fumigation significantly reduces the chances that you’ll ever have another infestation. Since all larvae are destroyed during the process, it’s almost impossible to ever find another termite. People that have had tent fumigation happily report never dealing with an infestation again.

When your home is under siege by termites, you need to take action fast before your home is damaged. Tent fumigation is the quickest and most thorough way to eradicate termites and preserve your home’s structure.


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