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4 Things I Considered Before Renting A Studio Apartment In Singapore

Singaporeans like me have different reasons for moving out of our parent’s house. Some get married and want to build families, study, or work at an institution outside their hometowns. Many of us also move into a studio apartment rental to explore the world without relying on our parents. In my case, I chose to look for a studio apartment in Singapore since I recently landed a position at a company on the other end of the island. I could not say no to the offer since the pay is astonishing—but it required me to move to a neighbourhood a few kilometres away from my parent’s house. Admittedly, the move scared me. But my anxieties quickly faded after finding the perfect studio apartment rental.

What Is A Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment rental in Singapore is a compact residential facility that contains almost everything a person needs in a home in as little yet open space as possible. If you are considering moving into a studio apartment, you can expect the unit to have a living area or lounge, dining space, kitchen and bedroom in an open-plan layout.

What I Considered Before Getting A Studio Apartment Rental

I tried to make wise decisions when I looked for a studio apartment for rent. I wanted to make the most of my savings and the amount I would earn from my new job. Since I am not yet eligible for an HDB, studio flats are my best option if I want a reasonably-priced apartment. While searching for a studio apartment in Singapore, here are the four things I considered to find a flat that best suits my necessities and tastes:

1. The Apartment’s Neighbourhood

Before renting any studio apartment in the town my new company assigned me to, I researched its many neighbourhoods and communities to see which one had the facilities and features I needed. I also checked these areas’ crime rates to ensure my safety.

2. The Apartment Design And Layout

My ideal studio apartment rental is a compact yet minimalistic and uncluttered one. Its look and feel should be inviting—but its furniture pieces, appliances, and divider walls or foundations should not cause the space to seem cramped.

3. The Apartment’s Communal Facilities

Since I wanted a small studio apartment in Singapore to save money and have a homey space, the complex that suits me must have functional communal facilities. The building should have a gym, lounge, and laundry area to help me stay in shape, relax, and ensure I have clean clothes.

4. The Apartment Price

Just because I had money to spare does not mean I should splurge it all. While looking for a studio apartment rental in Singapore, I asked every flat complex manager or representative about their prices to ensure their fees suited my budget and see if their units were worth renting. Admittedly, finding a reasonably-priced studio apartment for rent that fits my preferences was challenging. But after many hours of searching, I learned about Coliwoo and its studio apartment rental units in various impressive neighbourhoods. These flats were compact, but their designers made the best of their available spaces through minimalist styles and layouts. These apartments also have access to communal facilities, but they do not break the bank. If you are looking for a studio apartment for rent in Singapore, I highly recommend Coliwoo and its units. Check out its website to learn about its co-living residential spaces.


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