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4 Things Needed for a Functional Injection Molding System


If you are a mold maker, you spend a lot of time designing and building the perfect machine for your products. With an injection molding machine, you need to have a hot runner controller in place whenever the tool is sampled. However, the hot runner is one of the areas that often gets ignored until its too late. Unfortunately, when this happens, your process may burn or damage the hot runner system mold controllers and cables Noblesville IN suppliers carry. This leads to expensive repairs. To avoid this result, make your cable has the following elements.

Strong Connector Pin Retention

Any pins that are not securely fastened are a risk for early failure because the pin pushes out. Check with your supplier to make sure their system can guarantee a zero pin push out.

Machined Connector Pins

Stamped pins have limited durability in an injection molding environment. This could lead to premature breakage and system failure. Design your cable with solid, machined pins.

High Wire Quality

Don’t be tempted to work with solid wire for your equipment because of the cost. Though they are cheaper, solid wires break easily when used in an injection molding environment. Make sure your plans specify 100% stranded wire. A hot runner cable is exposed to thousands of different movements and flexes, and installers toss around the cables at set-up. You need wires that stand up to the abuse of the environment. Have your cable supplies use conduit to run the wires, and avoid bundles cord-like cables. This can prevent the flex movements needed for the environment and increase the likelihood of open connections.

Secured Conduit 

Your conduit gland needs to be attached to the conduit itself rather than the wiring. If you have the gland connected to the wiring, you run the risk of cable pull out. Securing them separately also helps create a positive, secure connection.

To preserve the life of your equipment, make sure you are on the same page with your supplier and installers. This is especially important when working with injection molding systems.


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