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5 Paintings that will add classic touch to your living space


It always feels refreshing to give your house a fresh new touch every few years. If you have renovated your house this year and are still adding touch-ups, why not try accessorising your place? To boost the appeal of your house, you can accessorise your space with amazing artwork. From mirrors to wall hangings to paintings, there is no dearth of artwork that will uplift the overall vibe of your house. 

Whether or not you are an art lover, having a couple of paintings in your house is a sure-fire way to garner praise from your loved ones. Paintings are aesthetically appealing, which is why you must have one or two in your living room.

If you are clueless about the kind of paintings that will look appealing in your house, we suggest you opt for a few horse paintings. Horse paintings not only add to the beauty of your space but also bring in good luck. Horses have strong yang energy, so you can hang a horse painting in the room where yang energy needs to be boosted. Horses also represent strength, royalty, and companionship, which are all the more reasons, as per feng shui, to welcome a horse painting in your home. 

So, let’s look at the best horse paintings you can invest in to make your space aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Seven horses: A horse painting depicting seven horses on the run is considered very lucky because it brings in financial stability. This kind of painting brings in luck in terms of success in business, a new job offer, and even a promotion. You should hang the painting on the east or south wall in such a way that the horse is facing inside the house
  • Galloping horse: If you are facing work-related challenges, a galloping horse painting will help you bring in luck. A galloping horse painting on the south wall of your home will fulfil all your aspirations because the horse represents fame, victory, promotion, recognition, steadiness, and growth. You will invite success in your career and life.
  • Golden horse painting: For those who are worried about competitiveness in their respective work fields, a golden horse painting is an ideal choice to be hung on a south wall in your house. The golden horse is believed to have set foot on a bed of coins and treasures. The painting represents good fortune, wealth, stability, and nobility.
  • Eight horses painting: This painting brings recognition, fame, promotion, education, and marriage. This painting can be hung on the fame wall or on the career wall, that is, the north wall, in the living room near the house’s entrance.
  • Horse in motion: A painting of a single horse in motion invites power and goodwill. The horse in motion signifies going forward, prosperity, growth, endurance, and success. As per feng shui, the horse in motion painting will keep you focused and on the road to success.

These are the best horse paintings that you must invest in to bring good luck into your and your family’s lives.



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