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5 Steps To Take Before Moving Into Your Newly-Built Home


There’s nothing more exciting than designing and building your dream house. Now that the construction is nearly complete, it’s about time to move in, and the last thing you need is additional stress. Follow these tips to ensure your transition into your new home goes smoothly.

Hire a Professional To Clean Up

With all the other chores you face during those final days before you move into your new home, give yourself some breathing room and hire a professional cleaner. Industrial cleaners are experts at removing the dust and debris from your new house. Contact construction cleaning Fort Lauderdale FL for more information.

Buy an Organizer

Anytime you move, your to-do list is going to feel like it’s a mile long. It’ll be hard to remember everything, so buy an organizer and write it all down. Find one with a calendar and space for daily tasks. Then write down every task and cross it off upon completion. That way you’ll have a daily sense of accomplishment and won’t feel overwhelmed.

Take Time to Plan

Consider how you’re going to arrange furniture and think about the colors and decor you prefer before moving in. Study examples online to get inspiration. If your budget is tight, remember that you don’t have to buy everything new. You can often find gently-used items in thrift stores.

Remember the Pets

Moving isn’t just stressful for you, but your animal friends as well. Find someone to care for your pets on moving day, so they can stay in a calm environment until the dust settles.

Hire a Mover

You’ve consulted with builders more times than you can remember. You’ve struggled with deadlines and finding the right materials. Give yourself a break and hire someone else to move your furniture and other items for you. That way you save your back and your energy for unpacking and arranging.

Now comes the fun part of appreciating your new home. Enjoy it!


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