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5 Types of Shower Valves You Should Be Aware Of Before Remodelling Your Bathroom


Are you contemplating a bathroom renovation but aren’t sure which shower valve to go with? Shower valves may not be the most exciting aspect of a bathroom remodel, but they are crucial for regulating the flow and temperature of the water. Your bathing experience may be significantly impacted by selecting the correct shower valve. Do consult Plumber Gilbert

A shower valve is what?

The device that regulates the flow and temperature of water in your shower is called a shower valve. It controls water pressure and guards against abrupt temperature fluctuations. Shower valves come in a variety of varieties, each with its own special features and advantages, and they may be handled manually or automatically.

The shower valve is crucial, so why?

A crucial part of any shower system is the shower valve. It regulates the temperature and water flow to make sure you have a relaxing and delightful showering experience. It avoids rapid temperature swings or scorching, which can be hazardous, particularly for young children and the elderly.

Shower Valve Types

Valve for Pressure Balancing

The most prevalent kind of shower valve is a pressure-balancing valve. Even when other appliances are in operation, it maintains a steady water temperature by balancing the hot and cold water pressure.

Thermal Control Valve

A thermostatic valve is a more sophisticated shower valve that uses a thermostat to monitor and control the water temperature in order to maintain a steady temperature. Even in the case of a decrease in water pressure, it may stop scorching and rapid temperature swings.

Automatic Mixer Valve

The flow and temperature of the water can be manually adjusted using a manual mixer valve, a common style of shower valve. Maintaining a constant water temperature can be difficult while being easy and inexpensive, particularly if the water pressure changes.

Electronic Valve

A digital valve is a contemporary shower valve that regulates water flow and temperature using digital technology. It may be customised to your liking, and some versions include extra capabilities like voice controls or audio streaming.

Intelligent Shower System

A sophisticated shower valve that is integrated with your home automation system is a smart shower system. It enables remote control of your shower’s settings, and some models include extra features like LED illumination.

Installation of a shower valve

Putting in a shower valve might be difficult, therefore it’s advised that you have a professional plumber to handle it for you. Use the proper equipment and pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions if you’re confident in your DIY abilities.

Regular upkeep and cleaning

Your shower valve can last longer with routine upkeep and cleaning. Look for leaks or drips and take immediate action to fix them. To avoid rust or accumulation, clean the valve periodically using a non-abrasive cleanser.


The shower valve you choose is a crucial component of any bathroom makeover. Before making a choice, take into account your tastes, financial situation, and the plumbing system in place.


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