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7 must-have furniture items for your first home


Furniture has been in human lives since the Neolithic age.  The paintings on the walls depict structures that are somewhat raised to help a person not lie flat on the floor.  Similar structures have been found in Pompeii wall murals, Egyptian pyramid excavations, and the Ghirodes tombs.  When talking about Indian Furniture, the first references are found in the Vedic texts like Khaata, Mundas, and Pidha.  The Vijayanagar Empire in Southern India took the craft to its peak.  This was the only true Indian style furniture; other accounts were all influenced by the period of rules like Portuguese or Mughals.

Home furnishings and furniture are mirrors that express the taste and style of the homeowner.  Thus, it needs to be such that it fuels imagination and gets you stuff you can actually be satisfied with.  But what furniture do you need to buy while moving into a new home?

Here are the seven must-have furniture for your new home:

  1. Sofa set

Sofa sets make a big statement for any living room.  They are a classic element that draws the attention of your guests and also speaks about your personality and style.  Besides being a functional space, a sofa set also creates a focal point that injects character and drama into your paradise.  It stands out as the most important piece of furniture in your living room, giving it a remarkable transformation.

Bold-colored sofa sets with bright and vibrant fabrics turn out to be conversation starters and can bring a huge difference to the overall ambiance of your living rooms.  For a subtle and calming aura, you can consider picking neutral tones that speak peace and calmness in volume.

  1. Dining table

Dining tables create a gathering spot where the family meets to eat together while discussing their adventures and day-long story.  Thus it is necessary to have a dining table with distinct and comfy chairs that can give wings to all such chit chats.  For all those get-togethers, consider introducing a dining table that can make a stronghold and lets you enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon in style.

  1. Bed

Bedrooms are known to be the resting spaces for your dreams, and to have a place where you can dream big, it is essential to have a nice and stylish bed.  A bed forms the basis of a bedroom, and if you want it to look luxurious, you need to bring in a stylish bed that allows you to relax and recharge in style.  You can also brighten up your sleeping place by adding some statement lights that couple up sophistication and style and can be switched on to spread a calming effect.

Introducing new bed upgrades the look of a bedroom and can take charge of the entire bedroom décor.  It adds warmth and also hikes the style quotient of a bedroom, pulling the bedroom together in an instant.  You can also pay attention to the bed frame and bed rest because they are the most visible arenas of a bed and get it designed in such a way that it speaks out loud with a personalized touch.

  1. Side table

Side tables are mostly an afterthought and do not come to your mind at the very first instinct when you think of buying furniture.  But trust us, they are a slick addition to your living rooms and can amplify the style quotient with a top-notch appeal.  Thus they deserve the importance that they are actually worth receiving.

  1. Almirah

Wardrobes and Almirahs also have the potential of attraction that can steal the show of your bedrooms by creating a focal point.  They are static fixtures that can open doors for quintessential decor in your bedroom.  Wardrobes decorated with a modern flair and cuteness also create drama and can give a fun ambiance when painted in bright and peppy colors.

You can also use decorative laminates over your wardrobes because they are highly trending these days and add sophistication.  You can also install big-sized designer mirrors on the doors of your almirah to create visual interest, besides having a corner where you can get a quick touch-up done.

  1. Dressing tables 

Dressers can unarguably build the most beautiful and glamorous corners.  They also serve double duty by being a functional piece where you can go ahead with your grooming rituals besides being aesthetic furniture that adds grace to your bedrooms.  But for using them as an aesthetic piece, you need to make sure that you buy them in eclectic styles that define your knack for artistry.

Dressing tables can be a focal point for your bedrooms, giving you a separate chic corner and adding depth and glam to the overall looks.  You can consider getting dressers with transparent cabinets so that you can easily get a sneak peek at your treasures besides using them for displaying your belongings.

  1. Accent chairs

Accent chairs provide additional seating and can complement your sofa set.  They are a great option to add to your living rooms to give a confined look besides adding charm and brightness.  Accent chairs also sink comfort, enhance the overall aura of your living rooms, and serve as a multifunctional piece that finds broad perspectives of usage.

May it be to design a comfy place for viewing TV or to place a chair by the fire for a good read, accent chairs can be used almost everywhere.  These chairs look aesthetically pleasing and can bring inspiration to your new home.  Choosing them in different colors that match the interior decor of your room can add dynamism and character, dictating the rest of the room’s décor scheme.


Furniture defines the salient features of any home and can upgrade a home with new life.  Bringing in these furniture items enhances creativity and also fuses a personal touch to your new home.  So, what are you waiting for?  Buy these furniture items now and get ready to welcome your guests to a house that looks like a real home sweet home.


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