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7 Tips for Choosing Your Kids’ Single or Pull Out Bed Frame


Choosing your child’s first bed is a thrilling experience for parents and children. It can be overwhelming to determine whether you should buy a single or twin bed at the Singapore furniture store. Here is a list of criteria to remember when selecting the best bed frame for your child.

#1 They also need a full-sized bed.

Children’s beds are the same size as a full-size single or a twin bed for adults at Singapore furniture stores. The bed size is convenient since it allows you to utilise standard single bedding. But it doesn’t mean you can buy a regular single bed for your child.

#2 It should be bounce-proof.

Children jump on mattresses. They also like asking their siblings, relatives, and friends to join them on the bed. Hence, pick an exceptionally robust single or twin bed from the Singapore furniture store.

#3 The bed should be scratch-proof.

Kids have an incredible capacity to scuff, damage, scrape, chip, write on, and generally ruin the paint surface of any furniture. So, if you want the bed to look good for more than a few weeks, it must be resistant to anything from felt tips to weird sticky substances.

#4 Provide ample storage space.

Kids amass an incredible number of possessions for such little individuals. It all adds up rapidly as they develop. Therefore, it is imperative to consider how the bed can aid you with storage from the start, whether it is a single bed with drawers or a loft bed with a built-in desk.

#5 Consider sleepovers.

Sleepovers are one of the most enjoyable aspects of childhood. Some children’s beds incorporate overnight alternatives. You can find selections with ingenious Captains’ Beds with tons of storage. There is also the pull out bed frame or trundle bed which stows another bed beneath the regular bed.

#6 Select an appropriate mattress.

Do not scrimp on the mattress since it is equally as crucial as the bed. Waterproof mattress coverings are also worthwhile investments, especially when the children are little.

#7 Have fun & accessorise.

Do not forget about the magic. Children spend a significant portion of their childhoods on that bed. To them, it is not simply a bed. It is a secret lair for torchlight reading, a playground for teddies, or a rocket ship for outer space exploration. Go ahead and accessorise.

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