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A Complete Guide: Basement Renovations


It’s a lot easier to find and do basement renovations in Connecticut than it is in other parts of the country. There are many contractors that will perform work on your home if you give them a good price. And since Connecticut is a big enough state, you’re bound to have a contractor in your area that can do a great job. You just need to know where to look.

The average cost of basement renovations in Connecticut is less than six hundred dollars per square foot. Of course, that number is just an average. The prices will vary depending on the exact type of renovation you want done as well as the area where you live. There are three main categories that basement contractors fall into. They are general contractors, contracting specialty firms, and per square foot specialty firms.

General contractors are the cheapest around. They will generally just come in to do some basic finishing and walls, and this includes plumbing and electrical work too. These are all very inexpensive ways to get your basement renovations done, but they won’t really take the stress off of you. You’ll still need to have a good idea of how much your floors and walls are worth, or else you could end up with some very costly surprises. General contractors will usually quote you per square foot, which is the amount of money that you would pay to have the flooring installation costs estimated for you.

Contractors that specialise in basement renovations have likely done several homes before. They will have a good idea of what your budget is like already, and they can then make recommendations about the best products for your needs. They will also be able to tell you exactly what materials you need to renovate your basement. This will include any unfinished basement floors or walls that you might need to buy.

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A Complete Guide: Basement Renovations [Infographics]


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