Advantages And Disadvantages Of Metal Roofing In Singapore


There are different roofing materials for metal roof installation stuart fl. There are clays, shingles, and tiles. In recent years, modern roofing materials have been created, such as solar tiles, green roofs, and PVC. Yet, despite the plethora of roofing options, metal roofing in Singapore remains popular.

But is it suitable for your needs and budget? Should you call your roofing contractors and awning company in Singapore for a metal roof and awning? Before you decide, consider the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofing first.

ADVANTAGE: Durability and longevity

In the optimum environment, metal roofing could last 40 to 70 years. Proper installation and maintenance extend the life of your metal awning in Singapore.

Although Singapore is rarely hit by typhoons, you can still anticipate strong winds and gusts. A metal roofing can withstand a wind gust of 140 miles per hour.


Yes, metal roofing can withstand winds but expect them to be noisy amid lashing gusts.

Raindrops and hailstorms create noise. A falling object, such as a stone thrown at your roof, could produce a thunderous sound.

ADVANTAGE: Fire-resistant and pest-resistant

Unlike wood, metal has a great fire-resistance quality. It can withstand heat and will not catch fire.

On the other hand, termites and other fanged animals cannot gnaw this durable material easily.

Call your awning supplier in Singapore if you need a metal awning.

DISADVANTAGE: Poor installation

Metal is indeed durable, yet poorly installed metal roofing in Singapore is prone to destruction.

Finding reliable and experienced roofing contractors and an awning company in Singapore guarantee high-quality installation and above the standard roof works.

ADVANTAGE: Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness

Metal roofing in Singapore reduces heat significantly as it reflects UV light. Therefore, less use of air conditioning units.

Additionally, metal is a recyclable material. You can reuse and repurpose the metal roof and frames!.

Is metal roofing suitable for your needs based on its advantages and disadvantages?

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