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Aircon Chemical Overhaul In Singapore: 4 Things You Should Know


Many Lion City homeowners treat their air conditioning units as their prized possessions. Aside from being quite a costly investment, these air-cooling appliances help them stay comfortable and refreshed in a country known for its warm and humid climate. Fortunately, numerous individuals and institutions offer various aircon maintenance services in Singapore to help householders prolong the life of their treasured AC units.

The aircon chemical overhaul is one of the many maintenance solutions residents like you can get in the city-state. Like other services, an AC chemical overhaul aims to clean, check, and test your air conditioner. However, this solution features specific steps and products that can improve the appliance’s functionality and even resolve some of its issues. You can also pair it with other services like aircon wash and repair to ensure the AC runs smoothly.

But before you get an aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore, you should understand what it is and everything you can expect from this solution. Scroll through to learn four things about this effective aircon maintenance service.

1. Aircon Chemical Overhaul Involves A Specialised Solution

Unlike a simple wash, an aircon contractor in Singapore performs a chemical overhaul with a specific cleaning solution. They spray it onto the AC’s various components to help the unit expel clean air and keep it from experiencing issues that could affect its performance.

2. Aircon Chemical Overhaul Is A Must Annually

If you want to minimise your expenses on aircon repair services in Singapore, you should get an AC chemical overhaul annually. However, never get this solution more than once yearly since it can cause your air conditioner to experience irreversible issues.

3. Aircon Chemical Overhaul Prices Varies

The price of chemical overhaul services depends on the aircon contractor offering them. If the AC expert uses specific tools and methods to perform the overhaul, they may charge you more. If you want to know the exact price of the overhaul service of your chosen contractor, you can check their website or book a consultation with their representative.

4. Aircon Chemical Overhaul Should Come With A Warranty

Never get an aircon chemical overhaul service from a contractor that does not offer a warranty. This written guarantee will help ensure that you will not experience any issues that result from the service you got from your chosen AC maintenance expert.

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