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The ten-year guarantee, subscribed only for the structural work, covers the damage observed after the acceptance of the work and this, for a period of 10 years, the guarantee of perfect completion covers the disorders and defects of conformity during the first year following the reception of the works.

The delivery time guarantee allows a refund in case the start and end dates of the work are not respected.

All these insurance policies also avoid lengthy legal proceedings and often painful procedures. If the mentioned insurance company is not known or if you have any doubt about its existence, do not hesitate to inquire, try to contact her, check her reputation and the guarantees she offers on the internet and at the professional.

The Right Warranty

The ten-year warranty, professional liability insurance or the guarantee of perfect completion prevents possible damage during and after the work. They are indispensable.

Ask for a free quote for your work

For some works, it is better to choose a garden building builder displaying certain certifications or labels. Since July 1, 2014, to qualify for tax credits on your energy saving work, you must imperatively go through a garden building builder “Recognized Guarantor of the Environment” (RGE).

Qualifications depend on the activity of the garden building builder. They are proof of expertise and know-how. Those following the mention RGE allow to obtain particularly interesting financing aids including CITE (Tax Credit for Energy Transition), eco-ptz and aid from the National Agency for Housing. To know more about the quote you can simply click here now.

For more information see our article: Labels, certifications, qualifications

Ask for a free quote for your work

How to ask for a quote before choosing a garden building builder?

Do not settle for a single garden building builder quote but at least three to choose your garden building builder. Once the quotes are in hand, do not just check the total price but read carefully all the information contained in the quote. Many details are provided on the seriousness of the garden building builder, including the official contact details and numbers of the company, the precise statement of the operations carried out, the detailed amount of the services excluding tax and all taxes included and sometimes even the start date and end of works.

Obtaining a garden building builder quotation informs about the points of vigilance and helps to effectively compare the craftsmen and companies of the same region, even of the same locality. If the price of materials and labor are to be carefully checked, the cost of transporting materials or moving workers can also influence the overall amount. Comparing quotes saves on all jobs.

The Quotes

A single quote does not allow exploring all the offers of the market at a given period. It is difficult to get an idea of ​​average prices or price differences between two materials by having only one estimate in front of you. Compare at least 3 craftsmen quotes.

To choose a quality garden building builder, go through qualitative requests for quotes is a solution that will save you time. Indeed, this type of service encompasses various researches upstream. The consultants check the seriousness of the professionals registered on their platform. The site of request for estimate also integrates a note given by the users to the contracted craftsmen, to avoid the bad surprises. The comparison of the quotes is facilitated thanks to the numerous functionalities of the site. A connection is possible with the garden building builder.



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