Choosing The Right Digger For Your Project


If you have a project coming up that requires machinery and equipment for digging capabilities, you’ll need to get on the phone to your plant lease company to discuss the range of diggers they have available. Your contact at the plant hire company will no doubt have all the information about excavators and mini excavator hire, alongside any attachments that can transform the capabilities available to you on site and for your next project as a whole. There are a few different tasks that a digger can be used for on site, and with the correct choice of plant hire, you can smooth out the schedule, keep your costs within budget, and maintain high standards of health and safety.

Diggers are commonly seen on most construction sites. There are different sizes and capacities to consider, and the right choice will depend on a few factors, such as the size and shape of your site, the tasks that it is needed to work on, and other details that your plant hire specialist will talk through with you.

What are the different types of diggers?

Micro diggers – these are highly reliable, efficient diggers that have a compact rear end design that make them extremely efficient in even the tightest of spaces. A hydraulically adjustable track gauge means the smallest of micro excavators can fit through most doorways, making it a practical dream on most sites.

1.5ft mini diggers– another smaller excavator that is used to work and manoeuvre within tight spaces on sites. They are particularly useful at tasks such as concrete removal, light demolition, renovation, and tree planting preparation. It is a powerful piece of machinery that also has the light touch required in certain delicate areas and situations, brilliant for civil engineering and landscaping projects.

3ft mini diggers– with a short tail swing this is another mini digger that is perfect for work within confined spaces on a variety of site types. The hydraulics of the boom also makes it work well against a wall, loosening restrictions on movement. For increased productivity rates, the force and digging depth of the bucket and the ease of control ensures it is useful for digging holes, creating trenches, demolishing small structures, and digging irrigation ditches.

Midi diggers– a larger digger that is also extremely popular within the construction industry. Midi diggers provide a wider range of application potential, combining the best of full-sized excavators and mini excavators. It has digging and lifting capabilities in line with larger models, but is still compact enough for easy site access, with zero tail swing. Versatility is key, with capabilities of working on both small and large sites and tasks.

Finding the best plant lease company to work with on a long-term basis is half the battle when it comes to procurement of machinery and equipment for construction and engineering sites and projects. Choosing the right digger ensures that tasks and projects are more likely to run on time, within budget, and with safety as a paramount concern. Your plant hire contact has all the information to hand, and as they get to know you, will understand your needs and specification requirements, which can make all the difference when discussing excavator hire.


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