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Commanding a Fleet From Miles Away

000618-N-0147W-002 Off Coast of Hawaii- The ABRAHAM LINCOLN Battle Group along with ships from Australia, Chile, Japan, Canada, and Korea steam alongside one another on 18 June 2000 for a Battle Group Photo during RIMPAC 2000. Official U.S. Navy photo by: PH2 Gabriel Wilson

Imagine if the whole Roman army, led by a single man, could have gained increased control over every battle with just a gadget to communicate with. The Roman Empire might have spread further and endured longer. Assume you have the same control over your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Foresight Intelligence offers you that amount of authority and control over your whole fleet, regardless of where you or they are.

Using AI to Communicate With a Fleet

AI technology is being applied to a variety of applications and labor sectors. Learning to utilize it is simple because the AI is usually operating in the background. In this case, AI technology allows you to operate your whole fleet using voice commands, but you do not need to learn how to use it. Instead, you launch an app, contact a team, or use voice control to send trucks or equipment to specified places.

Fleet Intelligence SMS

You are able to send a single message to the full team at the same time by utilizing fleet intelligence SMS. It is not necessary to be concerned if you have members of your team that speak a different language because our software and app are able to translate and convey the message. The translation does not result in any loss of meaning.

Multiple Fleet Management

Do you have various fleets that work in separate places or go in opposite directions? Foresight Intelligence makes it simple to track your fleet and connect with drivers. When you employ multi-fleet management technologies, trucks and equipment cannot become disoriented or lose track of their whereabouts. You may find an employee, truck, or piece of equipment at any moment.

Other Services Provided by Foresight Intelligence

That is not all. Here are some other services that we provide:

Attachment Tracking Boxes

Investing in Foresight Intelligence’s attachment tracking devices expands the fleet management tool set. Connect them beneath the dash or in the tire wells of vehicles and equipment. They transmit signals back to your device and the app. Monitor speed, direction, and position to accurately anticipate when a vehicle or equipment will arrive at its destination.

Alert Triage Center

Alert Triage Center (ATC) devices and SMS notifications alert you to potential fleet breakdowns. It is difficult to forecast whether a truck’s engine is overheated or hydraulic oil levels are low. This set of services and trackers eliminates the guesswork associated with predicting approaching mechanical faults in your fleet of equipment. You may budget for these concerns ahead of time so that you are prepared when a situation arises.

Do You Want to See What Foresight Intelligence Can Do for You?

Need a demonstration of these services? Contact Foresight Intelligence to schedule a consultation and learn how these gadgets, applications, and equipment operate in real-time. A detailed explanation and sales pitch are provided so that you understand exactly what this will mean for your industry and fleet. Fleet managers and company owners can purchase and finance as required.


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