Commercial Hard Water Treatment: Everything You Need to Know



Water hardness is a double-edged sword. It is essential for bone formation and other health benefits. The effects of hard water on equipment or the piping system can prove to be very detrimental. According to professionals, you should keep the levels of calcium/magnesium under 120 mg/L. You can still enjoy the benefits of hard water while avoiding the unwanted effects. How can you reach this threshold?

Commercial water treatment is the best option. If you don’t know what it is, don’t be afraid to ask.

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Signs That You Need Commercial Water Treatment Services

A drop in pressure is one of the most obvious signs. It can manifest in many ways. You may notice that it is impossible to run multiple appliances and taps simultaneously.

The piping system is clogged with limescale and hard water deposits. The limescale deposits reduce pressure by reducing the flow of water through the pipes. If this situation continues, limescale buildup can cause severe damage and may even lead to the need for expensive repairs.

Limescale buildup in the heating system could cause a sudden increase in your energy costs. This buildup creates an insulation layer between heating elements and the water. This makes it harder to heat water and causes the heating system to work longer.

Hard Water Treatment Solutions

There are many options to treat hardness commercially. To soften water, the ion exchange method uses sodium or potassium. The potassium and sodium ions are replaced by the calcium or magnesium ions during the ion exchange process.

The resulting compound is not soluble. It is possible to get rid of the resulting compound by using a physical method to make the water soft. You can also use a water conditioner if you don’t wish to soften your water.

The conditioning media can be used to alter the composition of hardness mineral ions in the former. This prevents limescale from forming in your system.

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