Cooling Your Home With Less Energy


Now that summer has here, you will undoubtedly switch on your faithful air conditioner. Yet, depending on how long you’ve owned that old machine, it could need to be serviced. Worse, or worse, it may be overworking itself and costing you money.

Californians will undoubtedly notice an increase in the cost of living. Fortunately, there are other superior cooling choices available on the market that you might choose instead. When it comes to air conditioning services, Barker Heating & Cooling loves to keep current. So, in addition to their standard central air conditioners, they provide the following choices. All of these will make you more environmentally conscious while also giving you relaxation!

Ductless Mini Splits

Because they link throughout the house, some cooling systems need extensive and even harmful installation work. This may need breaking into your walls and ceiling, increasing the cost of patching. Fortunately, a ductless mini-split eliminates the need for this.

Multiple devices are placed in separate rooms to form “zones,” which are then linked to a single external compressor. Ductless micro splits extract energy from the earth to provide adequate cooling indoors. Because there are zones, you can adjust the temperature in each room individually, turning off parts you don’t want to use. This gadget may also be utilized for heating in the cold as an extra advantage.

Heat Exchangers

A heat pump, like a ductless mini split, may be utilized in any weather. A reversal switch within the gadget lets it use the energy in the air outside to reverse the inside temperature. Even hot weather contains some cooling energy. The main distinction between a heat pump and a mini-split is that the heat pump is regulated like typical HVAC systems, with a thermostat on the wall rather than a remote.

Those who adopt heat pumps might also save money since many places provide government rebates and tax breaks. Heat pump-equipped houses in California might qualify for rebates of up to $8,000!

QuietCool Gadgets

This technique is not provided by all HVAC firms, but it is what distinguishes Barker Heating & Cooling from the competition. QuietCool devices, which are available as both attic and whole-house fans, are a particular method to use your existing AC considerably less frequently.

When your windows are open, the breeze will pass through the ducts of the QuietCool system, allowing air to circulate throughout the home, particularly the attic. As a result, any hot air that remains within is forced out through the system’s vents. In addition to cooling your home, the gadget reduces humidity. A QuietCool fan can save your energy bills by more than half since it allows you to run your air conditioner less.

Other Ways to Save Money on Cooling

Having a cooling unit in your house is a terrific way to be comfortable, but there are a few additional measures to ensure that you do not rely on it too heavily:

  • To avoid excessive sunlight, keep windows covered with dark curtains or drapes.
  • Wear bright colors and fabrics.
  • On mild days, consider opening the windows to allow in natural breezes.

However, if you must use your air conditioning unit, you should first ensure that it is well maintained. They are vulnerable to problems such as blocked filters and misuse. Barker Heating & Cooling can assist you if this becomes an issue.

They are not only one of the most skilled HVAC teams in Livermore, but they are also one of the most economical. They believe that keeping you comfortable should not cost an arm and a leg and that you should be aware of what you’re getting into from the start. They will work with you to find a solution that you can afford.

If you want to save even more money, inquire about their BFF membership option. In addition to two assured system checks, you will receive savings on services that will make you howl with delight. There’s a reason they’ve been trusted by people when they first opened their doors 25 years ago.

Using more sophisticated cooling systems is a terrific way to keep current while also cutting your monthly expenditures. You may now put that money toward goods you genuinely want to buy. When you turn to Barker Heating & Cooling for assistance, you’re choosing a staff that will not leave you feeling like you’re in the dog house.


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