Dealing With a Broken Toilet


A toilet is one of the most essential appliances a home can come with. Flushing away our waste, toilets are used periodically throughout the day. Whenever they need to be fixed, this can throw off your routine and creates a lot of other issues if handled correctly or in a timely manner.

While you can take care of simple clogs, more significant work should be handled by a professional like the crew at Shamrock Plumbing. Whenever a simple flush turns into a bathroom flood, your best bet is to contact an emergency plumber in Kissimmee, FL. With them, your home won’t turn into a wet and smelly disaster.

Common Symptoms

In order to get the proper help to come in, it is crucial that you know what signs to be aware of. The most obvious signals that your toilet is faulty include the following:

  • Slow-filling toilet bowl
  • Constant flushing noises
  • “Sweating” toilet bowl
  • Low water pressure

The Causes and Effects

There are many reasons your toilet may become insufficient, all of which can lead to some harsh consequences.


The most common issue, of course, is a clog. Along with waste, the drains in a toilet are able to handle water or products that can be broken down quickly, like toilet paper. The drain is usually no more significant than three inches in diameter, so anything bigger will become wedged immediately.

Clogs can back up the pipes and make water flow difficult. This will both keep your toilet from flushing anything else but can also weaken your pipes. Along with lowered water flow, pressure can build up as the water tries to pass the clog and lead to leaks or burst pipelines.

Broken Valves

For water to flow, your toilet is operated by a set of valves found in the back tank. Unfortunately, valves are often prone to breaking down or malfunctioning. Because the tank fills with water, it can be prone to sediment buildup, which will then block the valves from moving. A sudden change in water pressure can also cause them to become loose.

Because a broken valve cannot control the flow, water in your toilet can become uncontrollable. Even after turning off your toilet’s water source, you can still be at risk of flooding, which can cause extensive damage and lead to expenses in flood remediation.

Damaged Seals

At the bottom of your toilet is a ring of wax known as the seal. Though it might not seem important, the seal provides a critical job for your toilet’s functionality. It creates an airtight cover that hinders water or sewage from coming through. This keeps your floor clean and your bathroom from the noxious odors that sewer lines make.

With age, the seal is prone to wear down. If not properly installed or replaced, it will also likely come loose in no time. A broken seal will inevitably lead to those previous leaks when not set. Along with water damage, sewer gas leaks can lead to health hazards when inhaled.

Prevention Tactics

Fortunately, all of the above problems can easily be avoided. The most straightforward precaution you can take is to be aware of what you are flushing. Items like tampons, condoms, and diapers should be disposed of in the trash. It would be best if you also kept your toilet lid shut to prevent children from trying to flush toys.

When water begins to overflow, you must open the back of your toilet to check the valves. They might need to be cleaned. You should check them often to avoid disaster early. The same can be said for your toilet seal.

The best action you can take is to call in a plumber from Shamrock Plumbing for essential routine maintenance. Toilets may be a fundamental part of the home, but professionals know that they come full of different factors that amateurs need to be equipped to fix.

Shamrock Plumbing’s trucks come stocked with all of the parts of a toilet that might need to be replaced. For thorough work, they also provide drain cleaning. Even the most difficult clogs can be eradicated through the use of hydro jetting.

Because a toilet disaster can hit at any moment, Shamrock Plumbing always has a member on-call for its clients through Orlando, Kissimmee, and Winter Garden, FL. They will be there to help you before toilet water can create costly damage.

When one of your most reliable appliances no longer does its job, ensure you get help fast. For services that are to bring you a lot of luck, contact Shamrock Plumbing to assist you.


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