Decorating Ideas: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Console Table


Even a piece of small luxury furniture like a console table in Singapore can upgrade your home’s aesthetic value. Whether homeowners use it as a bedroom, living room, or hallway console table, it can still improve your home’s overall appearance. Look at the tips below to learn how to decorate your console table that will suit your preference and personal style!

1) Make it Symmetrical

The first thing you need to consider is to have a symmetrical table arrangement that can be visually appealing. You can put a mirror or a painting on the console table for a more organised look. It gives your table a complete look.

2) Light Up Your Console Table

You can also put some candles or lamps to light up your console table. The table will look more like a piece of luxury furniture in Singapore that can add value to your home. On top of this, an illuminated table looks good at night and on cloudy days.

3) Consider the Colours

When designing your console table or glass coffee table in Singapore, consider the colours to give it a more visually appealing look. You can mix and match colours like pastel with earth tones. Or perhaps, wood texture with light colours decorations.

4) Add Some Storage Space

The console table is also suitable as a storage space. Adding some baskets or boxes for your small items can be more functional. Aside from upgrading your home’s aesthetic value, you can also use it for other reasons like additional storage.

5) Display Some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can also improve your console table or sideboard in Singapore because they add a fresh look to your home. Just make sure to find an indoor plant that will suit the environment and temperature.


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