How Does Diamond Painting Work?

A hybrid of Paint By Digits and cross-stitching, diamond painting is a relatively recent craft activity. With Diamond Painting, artists cover an encoded adhesive canvas with countless small resin “diamonds” to produce glittering Diamond Art. The Painting With DiamondsTM company launched diamond engraving in North America and Europe in 2017. Ever since Diamond Painting has become popular among craftspeople throughout the world as a fun and stress-relieving activity. Do see the new collection of Custom diamond painting

Diamond Painting Phase Guidelines

Step 1 is to take everything out of the box.

Every component of a Diamond Painting Kit is included so you can get started right away. Check your waxing pad, tweezers, toolbox, diamond set, and canvas.

Step 2: Spread down your canvases on a tidy, flat table or workplace.

On a platform that is completely perfectly smooth, spread down your canvas. The tables in the dining and kitchen areas are excellent. Advanced Diamond Painters go online and look up crafting tables on the Online store.

Step 3: Pour diamonds onto the trays and choose a color or symbol.

Choose the area of your Diamond Painting canvas where you wish to begin creating. Drop a tiny quantity of the chosen diamonds further into the perforated tray. Shake gently to cause the gems to stand up.

Step 4: Coat the Diamond Pen’s point with wax.

Apply a tiny amount of wax towards the point of your Diamond Pen after removing the plastic covering from the pink wax pads. The wax practically functions like a diamond magnet when it mixes with static electricity.

Step 5: Arrange every diamond inside the canvas’s matching square.

A particular symbol as well as character just on canvas is represented by a particular color diamond. To determine which symbol represents each color, look at the legend just on the canvas’s side. DMC threads are used to indicate colors. Start painting after carefully removing small parts of the protective coating.

Step 6: Continue doing this until you’ve achieved sparkling Diamond Art!

Create a stunning DIY diamond artwork by moving your way over the canvas diamond by diamond! Before displaying your Diamond Painting, think about preserving it to lengthen its lifespan.

Prominent Strategies for Diamond Painting

After setting a significant number of diamonds, you might desire to try something else. Anyone can use the various Diamond Painting Techniques and methods that people in the Painting With Diamonds Self-Help group have created!

  • Using a checker pattern
  • ‘Row By Row’ Approach
  • Method “Color By Color”
  • ‘Farm Plot’ Approach

Things included with every Diamond Painting Kit

All that you require to get started is included in each Diamond Painting Kit!

  • the canvas that has been pre-printed with a pattern
  • Packed in zip lock bags, color diamonds
  • the diamond pen tool
  • a set of incredibly sharp tweezers
  • wax paper

Utilize Crafty Shelving techniques to just get Artistic

Organizing your diamonds seems to be more than the halfway point in the diamond painting. If standard cabinets aren’t right for you, be creative and create some DIY storage space.


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