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Different types of customized windows 


Double-hung windows 

A double-hung window is much like a single hung window except there’s a modicum of difference, in such that both the upper and the lower sash can be moved up and down. This allows for easy cleaning and upkeep. Despite the steep price, it’s one of the most common options that homeowners opt for. Renowned companies like MD Portes et Fenetres deal in installing various types of windows and doors, in addition to offering repair services. 

Awning windows 

This has a pretty sleek design. The whole window can be tiled to your liking. It’s great for private quarters like bedrooms. Awning windows are an excellent option for climates with heavy rain, creating an impermeable canopy when opened. They are hinged on the top and most commonly placed below, above or adjacent to immobile windows. 

Casement windows 

Casement windows usually have two window compartments that can be hinged on the left or right side and pushed to open outwards. They are an ideal choice for maximum entry of light and air. They have a tight seal that is coveted for its easy maintenance and conservation of energy. Due to its efficiency in use, these window designs come in handy for kitchen spaces above countertops and cabinets, or any space where they can be easily opened.  

Picture windows 

This is a stationery window, meaning that it can’t be opened. This is strictly for visual purposes, making it an optimal choice for places where the view is spectacular like besides the lake, near the ocean, or on hilly terrain. However, they do not provide the basic function of airflow. They are typically installed in high points of the house like ceilings and places where natural lighting can be exploited to the best. It’s designed with the idea of permitting light and offering great views.    

Bay windows 

This is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. They protrude from the walls, thereby creating a shelf that’s pretty as a picture. It’s rather complicated and expensive to install. They are typically comprised of a center window and two side windows that are angled at about 40 degrees.  

Garden windows

This costs about the same as bay windows. They are exactly like bay windows except much smaller in size and designed to hold plants. It’s a perfect option for those with house-plants. They are like miniature greenhouses that jut out of the walls. 





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