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Different Types Of Wardrobes Your Family Needs


A wardrobe is never much mentioned by anyone while doing up the home, but it is one of the essential items in a home. Without a wardrobe, you will be nothing because it is a utility item. It helps you to store not only your clothes but also your essential daily items that one may need. It is one item that one may never show to the guests or friends, but again you need it. And most often, it becomes difficult to find the best option for an almirah because you do not know what will suit best for your home and family.

Factors That You Must Consider While Choosing Your Family Wardrobe

Before you select your bedroom wardrobe, you must consider some important factors that will help you zero down on your most suitable type of wardrobe. The factors are: 

  • You must consider the layout of your bedroom and the total floor space in it. This will help you to decide the height, width, and depth of your almirahThe number of doors that your wardrobe has and the interior design and structure
  • Your personal choice of whether you want a mirror or not and other design and style factors
  • The material of the wardrobe
  • The mechanism of the door
  • Things that you want to be stored in your wardrobe
  • The storage capacity and how much load it can take
  • Think about how much you can really spend on a wardrobe

Why Do You Need A Wardrobe?

bedroom wardrobe not only helps to store your clothes but also helps you to store your extra bedding items. You can store your blankets when you do not have them in summer, the extra bed sheets and pillow covers, other essential items, and items like money and jewellery. It can also help you store the makeup items in drawers that are available in the wardrobe. You can store all your essentials in the wardrobe provided you have proper and enough storage. 

The Wardrobe Designs That You Can Choose From

Many big brands and shops stock various types of almirahs that could easily suit your design, style, and need. Choose from these designs:

  • Almirah type design
  • Wardrobe with hinged doors
  • Free-standing wardrobes
  • Sliding door wardrobes
  • L-shaped wardrobes
  • Mirrored wardrobes
  • Wooden wardrobes
  • Metal wardrobes

Every wardrobe can be selected or constructed with different designs and a number of doors as per the taste and requirement of the customer. You can choose from the traditional single-door wardrobe to the 2 door wardrobes or the 3 door wardrobes. They are different in that they differ in their size and storage capacity.

Naturally, you can make out that a single door wardrobe will hold much fewer items than a 3 door wardrobe. A 3 door wardrobe is always best because just as your family keeps expanding so do the needs keep expanding from time to time. As your children grow bigger, they will need more space to store their things which keep changing with age and time.

So when you have a bigger family, then it is always best to choose a 3 door wardrobe as it can accommodate all the stuff of both your kids in one space. In this way, you can save on space and expenses by not buying two wardrobes. 

2 Door Wardrobes

Whether single door wardrobes or 2 door wardrobes, they are a requirement in your homes. And you will always place your wardrobe in your bedroom, which is a home in a home. It is that personal space where you can relax and stay away from the external world away from the prying eyes of others. So naturally, that has to be a place of comfort and has to have that personal touch. 

It should be such that it is your entire world in one room. And to bring your entire world into one room, you need to store your personal belongings there. For that, it would really help you if you had a 2 door wardrobe where you would comfortably store all the items.

3 Door Wardrobes

3 door wardrobes are sheer luxury. To fit them into your bedroom, you must have a king-size bedroom. It gives you that feeling of luxury along with helping you to store all your necessities in just one wardrobe. Every day you need not run around here and there searching for your clothes and other items. So they are one option that you can consider nowadays.

How To Choose Your Wardrobe?

When you choose your bedroom wardrobe, you must be extra careful about the colour combination, style, and material of your wardrobe. It should blend in well with your interior. When you match the colour of your wardrobe with your room’s colour, next, you must try and select the design and concept that will go well with all the other furniture in it as well as the walls. For instance, you have a wooden bed; you cannot fit a metal wardrobe in your room. It will look totally out of place. You must get a wooden wardrobe then.

Then according to the size of your room, you can now choose the size of your bedroom wardrobe. You possibly cannot have a wardrobe so big that you cannot fit any other furniture into that one room. The room will not be a complete one then. Lastly, you must consider your budget. 

Different Materials From Which Wardrobes Are Made From

Wardrobes can be made from various types of materials like: 

  • Plywood
  • Particleboard
  • Medium-density fibreboard
  • Wood-plastic composites
  • Solid wood

On top of these materials, you can have finishing materials like decorative veneers & laminates, mirrors, glass, and metal & leather to decorate them. You can choose as per your taste, interior, and budget. 

How you choose your wardrobe is totally up to you and what your requirement is. No one understands your needs better than you. So from the above discussion, you can now at least afford to make a selection of your wardrobe, provided you go to the right place for it.



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