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Discover The Top 10 Pest Control Tips


Pests invasion can ruin your peace of mind as they may penetrate your home when you least expect. Spotting ants, cockroaches, and spiders in your lovely apartment can cause serious discomfort. Worse still, controlling them remains a serious headache, especially when you lack the necessary expertise and tools. The best approach to avoid all the pests is to keep them off your properties. This post aims at enlightening you on the top ten tips for excellent Pest Control practices.

Block their Entry Point

The first approach to controlling pests is making it hard for them to access your home. Inspect your home and repair any holes that you may find on the perimeter walls or in your apartments. Assess your doors and windows for any gaps and repair window strips if need be.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Accumulation of crumbs on your kitchen counters or floors provides a good habitat for ants and other insects. Your efforts should be to keep the pests away from your homes by letting them find shelter elsewhere. Make it difficult for them to reside in your kitchen. Ensure you wipe the counters, clean floors, keep food remnants away, and remove the trash from the kitchen regularly.

Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Draining standing water remains the first approach in controlling pests such as mosquitoes. Stagnant water can form an ideal breading zone for these insects that multiply to become bothersome in your home. Remember to regularly inspect your property since you may fail to recognize the presence of standing water over time.

Maintain Your Yard

Proper maintenance of the landscapes prevents overgrowth of bushes that may keep pests and nests. Prune trees and trim bushes on the landscape near your apartments. Ensure you also rake up the trash. Proper weeding around your residence will also keep pests away.

Eat Your Vegetables and Fruits

Eat your fruits in time soon as they are ripe to avoid keeping them on the counter for long. Overly ripe fruits are likely to welcome pests such as cockroaches and flies that may be hard to eliminate. Eat your fruits when they are ready to avoid the headaches associated with the pests they may invite.

Store the Firewood Properly

Avoid giving termites free access to your residence by storing your firewood and logs appropriately. Keep firewood far away from your apartments and sheds. When your place is limited, at least ensure firewood is kept five feet from the walls. Also, it is prudent to keep the firewood in racks on a raised ground.

Avoid Throwing Meat Outside

Avoid throwing meat pieces and bones in your outside garbage collection points. The combination of hot summer and decomposing meat can welcome unwanted pests into your home. Ensure any meat pieces that you throw outside are collected within 24 hours.

Inspect the Outdoor Furniture and Swings

Regularly inspect the corners and chains of the swings to assess the presence of any pests. Poorly maintained and neglected outdoor furniture can also host several pests without your knowledge. Inspect these facilities and eliminate any pests soon as you spot them.

Avoid Bringing the Outdoor In

Ensure the outdoor items such as toys and furniture remain outside and do not bring them into your rooms. These items may have pest egg sacks that may hatch in your rooms to release pests that may be hard to bring undue headaches. If you have to bring outdoor items in your rooms, wipe them thoroughly.

Call the Pest Control Professionals

It is prudent to hire experts (contact pest control San Bernardino now!) who can help in eliminating the pests in your home. They have the tools, expertise, and experience needed to keep pests away. These professionals take care of your inventory, landscape, and create and customized plan to get rid of all sorts of pests.


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