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Discovering the Ideal Neighborhood with Infinity Properties


When looking for the ideal house, location is one of the key deciding factors. You might search for a security, enjoyable pursuits, learning opportunities, and more. How can you tell if each of these needs is being met? Work with Infinity Properties. We allow our customers to select from a variety of communities located in some of Denver’s most desirable areas. Want more evidence? Continue reading to see what we can do for you.

Regional Options

In two areas of Denver, Infinity Properties currently has four communities open:

Downtown Park

If you enjoy being outside, this is the third-largest park in Denver and the ideal place to call home. There are more than 60 parks for you to enjoy just in this area. Check out Boston Street Garden’s vibrant colors for a stroll amid lovely vegetation. The dog park offers three acres of space for your four-legged companion to run about in if you want to take them outside to play.

As you explore the various paths and districts of Central Park, you can gaze in awe at the breathtaking pieces of public art that are located there. Twenty pieces are available right now, but more are being added all the time!

Ski trails, athletic grounds, and an amphitheater are also located in this area. There will never be a dull day if you choose to relocate here because dining and shopping options are close at hand.

The three neighborhoods where Infinity Properties has space offered are:

Alto (3-5 bedrooms) (3-5 bedrooms)

Luxe (5-7 bedrooms) (5-7 bedrooms)

Vive (4-7 bedrooms) (4-7 bedrooms)

The Canyons

Are you seeking somewhere that is a little more laid back but still has lots to do? You may want to consider living in the Canyons! You’ll have the impression that you are living in the natural outdoors close to Denver in this area. There are lots of places to unwind and hang out with friends here.

Despite the fact that you are not in Denver, everything you require is nearby. The distance between the airport and downtown Denver is only 35 minutes. This does not imply that there is nothing to do in the Canyons, either. The Exchange Coffee House offers great coffee, and the Park Meadow Mall is close by, so you may shop to your heart’s content.

The skies at night are breathtaking when the stars really shine since the Canyons are all about preserving nature in all its splendor. This place is simply breathtaking in every way.

At this time, Vector is the only neighborhood offered by Infinity Properties in this area (4-7 bedrooms).

Expectations for Future Infinity Properties

When you decide to have Infinity Properties build your new house, you will be in charge of the project. It’s all about you and the modern home designs you desire. While we do provide a variety of floor plans, the final choice is yours.

Want to be a part of a community but aren’t looking to build? It’s no trouble! A couple of our houses are now for sale. You and your loved ones would be able to live like royalty, even if it wasn’t a house you created. If you are single or have a pet, we can also assist you in finding an apartment at one of our upscale developments!

There is a community out there for you, no matter what you are looking for or what your ambitions are, according to Infinity Properties. Stop hiding your dreams from yourself. Let us take care of all your needs.


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