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Effective Benefits Of Carpet Mould Chemicals


Have you started to develop allergy-like symptoms? Perhaps you’re experiencing more asthma attacks than usual? Carpet mould could be the blame. Mould in a carpet isn’t always obvious; it might grow inside the carpet pad, difficult to detect. It can even develop inside the fibres. In any case, the mould must be killed and removed. You may already be feeling lost, but our complete guide to mould removal melbourne is here to assist.

Is Carpet Mold a Health Risk?

Mould is a fungus that may grow both indoors and out. When you’re inside, however, it can be hazardous to your health. Mould exposure can have various health consequences – or none at all. Some people will be unaffected, while others may have severe reactions. Internal infections can develop in people with mould sensitivities or impaired immune systems.

Mould and respiratory problems were linked in a study with enough evidence. Coughing and wheeze were common in otherwise healthy adults. It also revealed an increase in asthma attacks in people who already have the disease.

Carpet mould is dangerous since we are constantly exposed to it. Thanks to chemical interactions in mould cells, our health is even more complicated if the infected carpet is in the living room or bedroom.

Risky Carpet

Mould growth can be particularly problematic in carpeting. Mould needs moisture, oxygen, a food source, and a surface to grow on to thrive. Mould spores are found in the air all the time. Mould growth will occur quickly if spores drop on a wet location indoors that includes dust for them to feed on. If the conditions are appropriate, wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs can provide an ideal breeding environment for mould. Carpeting positioned below ground level in basements, carpet in regularly moist or damp regions, and carpet that has been wet for any period are all at risk for mould growth.

Using Chemicals to Remove Mold from Carpet

Chemicals are required if you wish to eliminate mould permanently. If you need it, you might even seek expert assistance.


Percide is a high-tech mould-removal solution. It’s also a TGA-listed hospital-grade detergent capable of eliminating COVID viruses. When used neat on hard surfaces, diluted 50:50, and well tested on carpets, it will also remove mould spots. Ideal for mould removal in flooded areas. It’s a Biosan, Percide, and Mould Exterminator product from Actichem. Percide (AP610) from Actichem is a sophisticated peroxide-based chemical disinfectant for mould cleaning and eradicating infectious settings. Its proprietary solution penetrates porous surfaces and responds aggressively with mould spores and growth to destroy them. It also brightens the treated surface and removes the mould stain. Percide does not hide or encapsulate mould; instead, it destroys its spore roots, resulting in consistent, 100 per cent clearance reports on every mould treatment project.

Percide has exceptional biocidal properties against germs and viruses. It achieves 100% microbe elimination in only 60 seconds when tested against the AOAC Hard Surface Carrier Test and the Hospital Grade disinfection test.


The Percide peroxide mixture has several novel design elements that ensure consistent, dependable mould eradication outcomes. First, it has an aggressive interaction with mould, as seen by the quick fizzing that occurs when it comes into touch with the spores and lifts the mould out of surface pores.

When tested against Aspergillus Brasiliensis, Percide achieves a >4.5log reduction (kill) in about 10 minutes. Percide is a product of choice because of its favourable and cost-effective RTU profile.


  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Bio-contaminated surfaces are disinfected.
  • Removes the stains and kills the mould.
  • It’s paired with super-wetting technology, allowing Hypochlorous Acid to permeate fibre and porous substrates faster and deeper.
  • Removes the associated organic dirt with exceptional cleaning power.
  • No scrubbing is required for almost instant stain removal.

For big-scale cleaning or high volume customers, our carpet mould chemicals products are available in easy spot cleaning 500ml bottles up to 20l capacity containers. Get in touch with us for more information on our products!


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