Environmental Perks of Landscaping Your Property


As time goes on, we have become more conscious of the important role that we play in keeping our environment safe and healthy. Although some topics remain taboo, the general public is set on doing their part to keep our world thriving. For many who go green, taking the initiative involves recycling, using more energy-efficient products, and going solar.

However, another good option that you could choose if you want to better the environment is landscaping. Even if many people perform these tasks for the beauty it brings their property, landscaping can do a lot to better the world and the quality of your own life, too.

Reduce Energy Use

One of the biggest culprits that bring the environment and ourselves a lot of grief is our use of utilities. For the land, different energy resources can lead to pollutants being emitted into the air, which can play a part in climate change. For homeowners, heavy use of any HVAC system, whether to heat or cool the home, can lead to spikes in monthly bills.

Strategic landscaping can help lower how much you use these systems by blocking your home from the sun and its sweltering rays. When building a plan with a company like Landed Landscapes, you can work together to decide where to put trees or hedges that can act as a barrier. Even better, by planting such flora, you will be allowing more nature to grow and provide oxygen.

Better Air Quality

Depending on your living arrangements, particularly in cities, you might notice a struggle with breathing. Factory emissions and smoke are two of the many reasons this could be an issue. Although you could add a humidifier to your home, trying for more natural ventilation is a wiser decision.

Along with trees, grass is a great way to better your air quality. However, you will only be able to reap its benefits if it is taken care of properly. Simple tasks you can perform to ensure this include watering your lawn regularly, mowing it, and raking away any debris. If you are having trouble keeping up with the tasks, you can outsource the chores to Landed Landscapes, who will do so happily. If you join their Premier Maintenance Program, they can even plant perennials with a lifetime warranty.

Prevent Polluted Water

Whenever it rains, runoff is often bound to occur. While it might feel like a nuisance to see sludgy water pooling in the ground and seeping down the road, it can also be harmful. The runoff is often full of pollutants, chemicals, and litter, which will all eventually make their way into the local waterways. This can lead to contaminated drinking water or harm any wildlife in the area.

If your lawn is taken care of and has excellent soil, the rain that falls will instead nourish the flora that you have and become soaked up. Not only will this keep waterways cleaner, but it can also help your plant life grow and remain beautiful for longer. If you also choose to add hardscaping elements like retaining walls or elevated garden beds, you can also prevent flooding from forming in your yard.

Choose a Landscaper Who Cares

Successful landscaping takes a lot of time and care, so you might require a little bit of help to do it right. The perfect landscaper is as passionate about the environment as you are and can take elements that will benefit nature and still meet your satisfaction without an issue. Instead of wasting time looking up “landscaping near me,” you can simply get in contact with Landed Landscapes.

For over a decade, their team has put in a lot of dedication and work bettering the properties of residents throughout Virginia and Washington, D.C. There is nothing that they will not help with. Still, they will only perform tasks that they are sure will work for your specific needs. Whether you want simple gardening assistance or to build a deck, they have you covered.

Landscaping should not only be beautiful but functional as well. With help from Landed Landscapes, you can be sure that both you and the world around you will be benefitted and taken care of. Check out their website today and see many of the past projects they have completed.


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