Everything That Makes a Sewer Video Camera Inspection Beneficial


Sewer lines are often neglected, even though they are integral to a home’s plumbing. This is likely because no one enjoys interacting with garbage or toilet water. Being mindful of them is the first step toward assuring their proper operation. This is why plumbing companies urge their customers to get their systems checked and maintained on a regular basis.

Increasingly, plumbers are employing video cameras to inspect clients’ drains in order to determine what is obstructing your sewage systems. They will invite the client to meet with them to talk about the issue and collaborate on the best solution.

But how does it all function exactly? Is it genuinely required? As you read, you will have the chance to get all of your inquiries concerning this service answered, making you feel much more confident in having it done by a top-rated plumber in Ball Ground, GA, such as Performance Plumbing. Their commitment to offering high-quality services makes any assistance they provide valuable.

What You Should Expect

When your water lines require repair, your plumber will start by inserting a submersible camera down the pipes and filming a video of what’s under their surfaces. They will walk you through everything that is shown so you have an understanding of your pipe’s integrity.

There are several typical reasons for degradation or blockage in sewage pipes. Among the consequences depicted in the video are:

  • The roots of trees have spread all over the land.
  • Rodents are gnawing on your pipes.
  • Steel pipe corrosion
  • Unbreakable items that were flushed, like tampons

If sewer lines are not cleaned promptly, they might get blocked and leak. This can result in leaking in the backyard and possibly flooding in your home. The eventual result will be both destructive and offensive. Breathing in contaminants might cause health problems.

What Advantages Do Video Inspections Offer?

Traditional methods aren’t always successful and may cause damage to your property since sewage pipes may be a messy operation. This is why video inspections are preferred. When you select Performance Plumbing for this helpful service, you will gain several benefits.

To start with, video examinations are a non-intrusive way of maintaining sewage lines. The plumber can locate the source of your troubles without having to dig up your yard. As a result, you won’t need to plant the grass or clear up the soil.

You will also be given a specific answer to your problems. Plumbers can fail to identify the cause of a problem while excavating your sewer system. This suggests that they may discover more than what is necessary. They can tell how bad the interior is generally since they can look within your pipes with the camera.

Performance Plumbing will give you a copy of the video after the appointment since they store it so you can transmit it to your insurance company. This will help you because it might reimburse you for some of the necessary sewer line repairs.

When Is a Pipeline Inspection Required?

Apart from catastrophes, video inspections should be done once a year. However, if you are a first-time homeowner, you should think about getting one because regular house examinations don’t involve your sewage line. It is especially critical when planning a home improvement project since a blocked sewage line might hinder a kitchen or bathroom repair.

You may rely on Performance Plumbing to assist you regardless of the cause of your need. They are constantly available for support and never charge for additional services. The original price they give you is always the final amount you pay.

Even if it appears that your line is beyond repair, Performance Plumbing has a solution for you. They can continue to employ non-invasive solutions through trenchless digging. This means they will treat the interior of your existing pipe with epoxy, making it appear brand new.


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