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Finding a Leaky Pipe Under Your Home


Leaky pipes are never a good thing. They can cause damage to your home, run up your water bill, or flood your yard. This is why finding a leak before it becomes a major problem is so important for homeowners. If your house is raised off the ground, then it’s much easier to crawl underneath and detect the source of your leak with the help of residential slab leak detection hemet ca; you might even be able to patch it yourself. If your house sits on a cement slab, though, this won’t be an option. Luckily there are a few things a person can do to learn how to find a slab leak if their pipes are underground.


The first step to finding a leak is knowing what can cause it. Things such as bad pipes, rusted fittings, pinhole leaks, or shifting ground can all cause leaks in your pipes. When those pipes are embedded in your cement slab or buried underground, it can be especially difficult to notice little things affecting your home. If you don’t catch the warning signs, though, you could be dealing with a much bigger problem down the line, and your homeowners or renters insurance may not cover the damage depending on the cause and circumstances.

How to Check

There are a few simple ways to guess that you have a pipe leak under your home. The first is if your water bill suddenly increases by a substantial amount. This usually means you have a pipe leaking somewhere and increasing your water usage without your knowledge. You can also look for wet or warm spots on your floors, which can indicate a pipe leak in that area is sending moisture into your foundation. Another easy way to detect leaks is by looking for cracks or bubbles in your floors, baseboards, or walls where water might build up.


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