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Flower Buying: What to Get and Who to Get Them For


Everyone loves the surprise of receiving flowers. Whether it is for an anniversary, birthday, or first date, flowers are a beautiful gesture to show someone you care. Although the gesture is one that has been observed for centuries (even developing a secret language!), the subtleties of giving someone flowers are one that requires finesse.

Different situations call for different kinds of flowers, bouquets, and arrangements! If you are looking for flowers in Austin, TX, La Fleur has you covered for all situations! Keep reading below for an idea of what to get the special person in your life for any occasion. Once you have an idea in mind, the florists at La Fleur will make sure you’re never left empty-handed!

Traditional or Trailblazer?

Before you even start thinking about the kind of flowers you want to give your special someone, the first thing you have to think about is if they like traditional gifts or more interesting and exotic gestures. Floral arrangements don’t always have to be roses! Although they may be the most popular to give to your girlfriend or mother, if your loved one appreciates more unique gifts, maybe you could consider a more unusual flower or even a zen garden or succulent! While floral arrangements may wilt and die, zen gardens and succulents are unique because not only do they offer a different kind of gift than a traditional floral arrangement, but they continue to live long past the point where flowers would have wilted with the proper care.

All in the Family

Orchids were a typical gift throughout the Victorian era. Rare and exotic flowers were traditionally given as gifts, with the underlying tenet being that the deeper the love, the rarer the flower. Orchids are also said to represent “many offspring or children” in ancient Chinese culture. They represent sophistication, wisdom, and statuesque beauty at their finest.

For Mother’s Day, orchid kinds in hues of purple (for royalty, respect, and admiration) and pink (for love, elegance, and femininity) are important choices.

For Mom’s Valentine’s Day or just to let her know she is on your mind. Are you looking for flowers to brighten your day? Carnations in color pink are the ideal option. This is due to the fact that they stand for maternal love.

Pink flowers may also be used to convey thanks, admiration, and gratitude. Any time of the year, pink blossoms will demonstrate how much you care. With these arrangements, white adds a lovely accent.

Still unsure of which bouquet of flowers to send your mother? There is a method to cross everything off your list, whether it’s because you want to communicate too many feelings or meanings or because your mother has too many favorite flowers.

Request from your preferred florist a mixed flower arrangement of your choice’s three to four flowers, and your mom will have a gift that will warm her heart. Along with the ones already listed, hydrangeas, peonies, and gerbera daisies are other favorite flowers for Mother’s Day.

Long Term Lovers

Red roses are referred to as the lover’s rose, are the symbol of passion. They are both beautiful and classy while being seductive and enticing. A beautiful bunch of red roses conveys passionate and affection.

You may stick with roses but pick with a different color, like orange. Alternatively, you might pick a different flower and go with the color red. Tulips in red are an eye catching and elegant option. According to legend, the tulip’s velvety black core resembles the blackened heart of a lover as a result of intense affection.

Of course, combining roses or tulips with different flowers will give your bouquet additional depths of significance. Adding asters, for example, are a great choice as they are a less well-known flower that represents love.

Pink stargazer flowers signify wealth, while pink alstroemeria communicates loyalty. Peonies are also said to be a symbol of luck and successful marriage and have a high romanticism factor.

“Blooming” Romance

If you have just met a special someone, a bouquet of flowers is a great way to affirm your interest in them while taking advantage of the symbolism of flowers.

Purple flowers, such as roses and lilacs, represent love at first sight.

So, if you don’t want to express that just yet, a mixed bouquet is your best option. A little bouquet of red roses will quietly convey your attention without becoming overdone. Orange roses are symbolic of desire as well, and an amazing bouquet would include orange, peach, and white roses.

An orchid is also a gorgeous, unusual, and exotic present. She will be aware that you find her exceptional. Yellow represents the warmth and enjoyment of spending time with someone else, as well as laughing at the same jokes, and enjoying similar interests, much as red signifies romance. Yellow flowers like tulips or roses form breathtaking bouquets that convey happiness and brightness when put together.

Daisies and freesia, which are representations of purity and friendship as well, can form a heartfelt gift that your friend is sure to cherish. A lot of ladies adore daisies for their youthful appeal, and freesias are very fragrant flowers.

These rules apply to first dates as well. Once you’ve proposed to her and decided where to go, a straightforward bouquet is a kind gesture.


Flowers are not just for a singular occasion, nor are they for a singular person. Flowers can be utilized on almost any occasion and can be a great “just because” gift as well! Whether you are looking for a gift for your mom or wife or to cheer up a friend, flowers are one thing that comes in wide varieties and never lacks flair. Florists like La Fleur offer many choices that are sure to be the perfect gift for any occasion! Go to www.lafleurflowermarket.com to see all the choices for the next time you need a great idea for someone special in your life.


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