Four Reasons to Have Andy Frattin Plumbing Install a Tankless Water Heater in Your Home


Today, the water conservation push of the 1960s and 1970s has a new ally – homeowner budgeting. Most municipalities raised the rates on their water utilities, and now, the typical U.S. household spends an average of about $45. In Florida, that drops to an average of $33 per month, according to Forbes, meaning that, on average, a Floridian spends $396 per year on water. If you want to conserve water and spend less money each month on its use, talk to Andy Frattin Plumbing about installing a tankless water heater.

Why Install a Tankless Water Heater?

For four reasons, tankless water heaters top the list of ways the plumbing experts in Ormond Beach recommend homeowners reduce their water use without changing their lifestyles. Tankless water heaters offer the following benefits:


  • Never run out of hot water
  • Only pay for the water you use
  • Cleaner tank type reduces sediment buildup
  • Needs less maintenance, so it costs less.

Essentially, a tankless system only heats water when someone turns on the hot tap. Otherwise, it does not operate. A typical water heater keeps a tank full of water hot at all times, which increases a homeowner’s energy costs.

Tankless Systems Still Require Repairs

As nifty as these tankless water heaters perform, they do eventually experience the same problems as other water heaters. Let us consider the most common problems that a water heater develops with age or overuse.

No Hot Water or Wrong Temperature of Water

The water heater may not heat the water or may not heat it to the temperature indicated by the thermometer setting. If you have adjusted the thermostat on the water heater to no avail and the pilot remains lit, you need to phone a tankless water heater repair & installation specialist.

Water Comes Out of the Tap Dirty or Smelly

Water should flow out of the tap clearly and with no smell. If you spot dirty water flowing out of the water tap, check the faucet’s washer. If it appears fine, phone the plumber. An unusual odor coming from your water also indicates the need for a plumber. It could be rusty pipes or come from a foreign substance in the lines.

Repair Needs for Water Heaters

A tankless water heater can still spring a leak or develop a condensation problem. Any water-related device can mold, so if you spot mold, call plumbing services in Ormond Beach, FL, immediately. Finally, if your water heater makes a noise, that’s bad. Phone a plumber because today’s water heaters operate silently. Noise indicates something inside it broke.

Call the Experts at Andy Frattin Plumbing

When anything goes wrong with your water heater, or you decide to switch to a tankless water heater, call Andy Frattin Plumbing. We have served Florida with top-notch plumbing services for many years, and we offer our services to Ormond Beach and the surrounding area, including Ponce Inlet and Flager Beach, FL. Call or email us when you need water heater repair & installation.


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