Four warning signs to know to repair the sewer line immediately


The sewer is perhaps the last thing that people think about unless they face some problem with it. With most sewer system remaining hidden, it is easily neglected and not given proper maintenance. There are chances of the sewer already damaged due to misaligned connections, cracks or tree roots. If not taken care of immediately, then it will only result in collapsed or failed sewer line. Hiring the best handyman plumber El Cajon will help fix such issues immediately.

Common warning signs you should be aware of

  • Foul smell: The sewer line needs to be airtight thus ensuring that foul smell from it should not come out. In case, you smell rotten eggs from the sewer system, then there can be some crack in it. Stronger smell emitted will only mean severe damage. This issue will require calling the experienced handyman plumber El Cajon to fix it immediately.
  • Sewer blockages and backups: Low open drains often get blocked and backup is noticed mostly due to clogged or blocked pipe. If every time water is run down the sink or the toilet is flushed, you may notice sewer backup. If so, then the issue lies with the main sewer line. The problem might occur with a single drain only. This means, the problem lies in that particular drain. It could be that the sewer has been recently cleaned and you are still experiencing constant backups. In such a case, it can be some severe underlying issue. The knowledgeable handyman plumber El Cajon will detect the cause by carrying out a video inspection of the sewer line.
  • Lush grass patches, Lawn indentations: Your yard may have grown an additional green grass patch. This could probably be the sign of some underground sewage leak. Sewage is a good fertilizer and the main line leakage only provides extra nutrient to the grass. This helps promote green, lush appearance. Apart from this, there may be lawn indentations. Soil may dissipate due to the cracked sewer line that saturates the ground consistently. Thus, the lawn develops a dip or indentation above the main line. The certified handyman plumber El Cajon can easily take care of such issues.
  • Mold: Crack appearing in the sewer line might cause water leakage inside the home thereby supporting mold growth. Along with mold, you might also experience foul smell that is harmful to everyone’s health. The handyman plumber El Cajon should be called immediately to fix it without any further delay.

Getting to know the above issues will help ensure that the problem does not go beyond your control.


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