Greater Limits for the Perfect Wall Plastering Options


It is very risky, and often impossible, to change a plaster wall when it is ready because it is a structural element in supporting the home. A common plaster wall is made up of three elements. The joists are bars of concrete and iron that are passed all over the roof, beneath the iron bars at the top of the belts. They are custom madethe manufacturer must visit the site to calculate the length and type of iron that will be used in the joistsand they define the quality of a plaster wall.

The Right Bricks and More

The tiles serve only as support:They are like bricks and are supported between the joists, so that everything is then covered with concrete. Today the most common tiles are ceramic and Styrofoam. Both are priced at or close to each other. While Styrofoam tiles are much lighter (of course) and help a lot in insulating heat and noise between floors, they are not good for ceiling cement plasteringin this case, it is recommended to use lining or a material called plaster glue for the ceiling. Finally, the last element of the plaster wall is the concrete above it, which must follow exactly the engineer’s guidelines for thickness and strength (determined by the ratio of water, cement, gravel and sand). You can check this website  for the best info on the same.

The Best Ordering

Order the plaster wall still during the masonry phase, as it takes a few days to get all ready. If you plan to use eaves, which are under the roof lumber where they extend beyond the walls, let the company know, because you may need to increase the plaster wall area calculation.

From electrical equipment, buy the double height octagonal canisters that are used to fix ceiling lamps, and more conduits if needed. If you want to skip steps, you can take the opportunity to buy the wall boxes that will be used for sockets and switches (single or double) and for wall lamps (single-height octagonal, small or large).

  • Buy wooden props, also called indecently plump sticks. They are used to support the plaster wall after it is assembled and concreted, and should be assembled for at least 30 days to ensure the plaster wall dries.
  • If there is an upper floor, buy all the sewage piping that will be used, with the respective protective caps.

Where there was a bathroom or an open porch, you may need to take some waterproofing action on the plaster wall, which may be with canvas or some specific product. The RT engineer can give some good tips on this. When it comes to the proper polished plastering for the same, then it is for sure that you will be having the smartest options for the same and that also within the budget that you can think about. However, when it comes to the material for the same, then you can be sure that you will get the best deals for the same. The entire process happens to be quite easy for this and that is the reason you can hope for the best results in this matter.


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