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Green Ideas for a New Commercial Space For Your Home


When you’re building a new commercial property, you should consider design and construction choices that are sustainable. Focusing on sustainability is not only good for the planet, but you’re likely to experience long term savings in operational maintenance costs. There’s also a very good chance that these savings may offset any original up-front costs for going green. Here are some things to consider.

Alternate Energy Sources

One of the best ways to go green is through the use of alternate energy sources. Generating power through wind, solar and other sources helps to reduce the load on a power grid. Consider the use of solar panels, for example, to help generate renewable energy that reduces grid demand. The use of alternative, renewable energy will lower your use of oil and gas, which can result in significantly lower utility bills.

Durable Materials

Maintenance and repair costs are a major part of owning and operating a building. The use of durable materials that require less repair over time is not only pro-sustainability, but it also helps make your property less expensive to maintain. For example, LED bulbs can run for several years resulting in lower costs to replace. Talk to a provider of concrete polishing Manhattan NY to see how this flooring alternative is easier and cheaper to maintain than hardwoods or carpets.

Water Conservation

Reduction in water usage is both an eco-friendly and cost-saving choice. The use of low-flow fixtures as well as flushless toilet urinals are two examples of ways to save money and the planet. A rainwater or greywater harvesting system can be used to repurpose water to help irrigate lawns and plants outside. Smart sprinkler systems are available to make sure that your grounds are irrigated efficiently, minimizing waste.

While going fully new green building seattle wa is a significant undertaking, you can make small steps that have a big impact. From renewable energy to durable materials and saving water, you can also save some money in the process. We all can do our part to make better choices for our planet and our wallets.


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