Having a Water Heater in Your Restaurant


Being in charge of a restaurant can be a hectic job. There are customers constantly coming in and out looking for some of the best service possible. Depending on location, time, and your employees, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. That is why it is important to have tools and appliances on hand to give you a little relief.

One such piece of equipment that may benefit you is a water heater. By providing you with efficient hot water when you need it, you are able to get common restaurant services done in no time. However, you might need to learn more about this valuable feature. So before you take a plunge into adding one to your property, it is crucial to becoming more educated in the types of heaters there are and how to care for them.

If this article convinces you that a water heater will be an advantage, you can call in Skovron Mechanical Services to be your guide. Since 2005, they have been helping others like you with commercial water heater repair and installation in Concord, NH or water heater repair walnut creek ca.

Standard vs. Tankless Water Heaters

When most places have a water heater installed, they tend to get one that comes with a tank attached. These units will hold a copious amount of water to heat whenever you turn on your hot water tap. However, they can come with a few issues. Because they have to heat up the whole tank, you might be standing around a while waiting. This can hinder cooking and cleaning time, as well as lead to water waste.

To make things easier on you and your employees, consider a tankless water heater. They are much faster at heating up water because they only release a small amount of water at a time. Not only that, but they also take up less space due to not having a tank. This is perfect for a restaurant that might already be crowded or busy. 

By being more energy efficient, you will also be saving money on your utility bills. This extra cash can go towards more important things, such as making your quality even better for customers!

How They Benefit Your Restaraunt

There are two main ways that a water heater could be helpful in relieving some of your stress as a restaurant owner:

Cooking Food

As a restaurant, your main goal is to serve tasty food. Heaters enable you to control the temperature, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking or undercooking your meals. Instead of waiting for a pot of water to naturally come to a boil on the stove, a water heater can rapidly and efficiently raise the temperature. This provides you with more control over the temperature of the water and allows you to prepare different dishes precisely.


As people leave after their meals, it is crucial that you can get both the table and the dishes cleaned in time for the next customer. Hot water kills germs much better than cold water, so it is important that you have this resource on hand. Even better, by providing you with heated water in an instant, you will find that your dishes are being done at a quicker pace so that no one will be waiting around too long for their meals. 

Keeping Your Unit Maintained

While water heaters can be a saving grace, they are not without their own needs. You cannot just let them sit around without cleaning them or checking on them regularly. After a while, water heaters can build up sediments, which could give you less than pure water. This means it is crucial that you flush them once a year.

Fortunately, you can get help with this work from the team at Skovron Mechanical Services. After installing your unit, they can be called back for routine checkups to make sure it stays in working order. Just like you, they strive to keep all of their customers happening and coming back. 

Restaurants and other commercial establishments in Raymond, Manchester, and Concord, NH, have relied on them since 2005, even in light of an emergency. Your business does not have to stall when a problem hits for too long because they can come 24/7 to help get you on track.

Get the hot water you need every single time. Trust Skovron Mechanical Services so that you can get your restaurant’s work done at a better pace.


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