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HDB Interior Design Ideas In Singapore: How To Make Most Of Your Space

Not everyone is privileged to have a spacious house. But through interior design space planning, you can still have a sizable bedroom or living room, even with a small home. Managing small spaces can be tricky. A few belongings can turn your home into clutter.

Here are some tips on how to make your place more spacious:

1. Opt for wall-mounted furniture.

One of the brightest tiny HDB interior design ideas in Singapore that will save up your floor space is opting for wall-mounted furniture. Instead of having a four-legged study desk, you can have a wall-mounted table, which you can dismantle and fold when not in use. Do you lack space for your plants? Why not opt for a vertical garden or hanging succulents? You can also expand your kitchen storage by having an overhead cupboard. You can also use this tip to your bathroom.

2. Limit your belongings.

What clutters tiny houses are your belongings. Extravagant decorations and collections are only for a 3-bedroom condo interior design in Singapore. If you want to save space, you must begin by reducing your stuff. Get rid of the things you do not need or do not bring you joy anymore. You can donate your old books to charities, perhaps sell your CD collections. Once they are gone, you will see how much storage space you have available for more relevant items.

3. Think small.

You can’t buy a four-seater couch if you have a tiny house. It will cram the space of your living room. Instead, opt for a smaller loveseat and modular chairs, which you can rearrange to increase the sitting capacity of your living room. Reducing your belongings can also help in opting for smaller furniture. For example, if you have hundreds of clothes, you need a large wardrobe to fit them all in. But if you reduce your clothing, you will only need a smaller closet for everything.

4. Natural light and mirrors.

You can use some illusions to make your tiny home spacious! Many interior design consultancy services recommend allowing more natural light into the house and bringing in more mirrors. Dark corners make your home claustrophobic. You can counter it by letting in the light as illumination gives an illusion of space. You can up its effect a notch with mirrors. Mirrors’ reflections become an extension of your space visual-wise. Moreover, they also bounce the light around your home. These tricks and tips can help you make the most of your space at home! M2 Decor is one of the best interior design consultancy services in Singapore. Visit M2 Decor today.


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