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How do you choose the right table lamp?


All table lamps are completely different, but at the same time they are very similar in design. All models have a lamp, a cord of different lengths, a switch, a plug, which.. Many lamps have a dimming function.

Let’s highlight several important parameters:

Stream of light. The power of the stream, its strength varies in units such as lumen. This parameter can be found on the lamp packaging. It means how much light will enter a certain area of ​​the surface. Accordingly, the higher the indicator, the better. For example, a table lamp with LED lighting has a 2200 lumen rate. This is a good indicator.

Completeness. Each lamp has a different completeness: spare, replaceable lampshades are easily interchangeable. Some luminaires are supplied with USB for connecting to a computer, control panels for turning on, off and adjusting the light from a distance. Do not forget to check if the warranty card and operating instructions of the purchased product are included.

Lamps. The optimal light for human eyes is yellow light. This color is given by ordinary incandescent lamps. This light does not irritate the human eye. A fluorescent lamp produces a cool white light similar to daylight. It is very ergonomic, but not suitable for reading books, drawing. Halogen bulbs emit white light. But the light of the point direction is given by LED lamps. They are the leaders of the modern market and are recommended when choosing a table replica atollo lamp.

Pay attention to the base and material of the lamp. To protect the lamp from mechanical damage. Here, lamps with a metal body have gained great popularity.

According to the research, table lamps for schoolchildren are especially popular. When choosing such a lamp, you should be guided by the same principles as when choosing any other table lamp, but be sure to take into account some features.

Thus, the choice of a table lamp for a student is a responsible task. Since both vision and safety depend on it. You can choose both a regular table lamp and an LED lamp. When choosing a lamp for a children’s room, you can discard energy-saving fluorescent ones, since if such a lamp breaks, then poisonous vapors are released.


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