How Do You Know If Something Is a Plumbing Emergency That Requires an Emergency Plumber?


As a homeowner, you never want to face an urgent plumbing crisis. But even well-maintained plumbing systems can experience unexpected disasters and breakdowns. Learning to identify legitimate nightmarish plumbing emergencies can help you act quickly when every minute counts. Here are some tips from Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter for diagnosing scenarios that call for emergency plumbers.


You Have No Running Water

Losing all water in your home is a dire situation. Check that the main shut-off valves are open. If water at all taps is out, suspect a catastrophic leak, frozen or burst main line, or problem with your well pump requiring same-day service. Don’t go without water for long.

You Have Intense Flooding

Extensive water damage from uncontrolled flooding constitutes an emergency. If a water heater tank splits or a pipe ruptures, turn off the main water valve to stop the gushing. However, significant flooding still requires emergency cleanup and repairs. Don’t wait on flooding.

Raw Sewage Is Backing Up

Notice foul-smelling sewage backing up from floor drains or toilets overflowing? A main sewer clog is preventing wastewater from leaving your home. Raw sewage overflow creates a health hazard requiring urgent rodding by emergency plumbers to clear the blockage.

You Have No Heat

In winter, a broken boiler or furnace qualifies as an emergency. Likewise, gas leaks, carbon monoxide issues, and frozen pipes that leave you without functional heat need immediate diagnosis and repair for safety. Don’t endure freezing temps or CO risks.

You Smell or Hear a Gas Leak

If you detect the rotten egg odor of natural gas or hear an ominous hissing noise coming from your gas appliances or lines, you have an extremely hazardous leak. Evacuate immediately, leave doors open, and only call emergency gas leak repair pros once safely outside.

Your Water Looks Contaminated

Cloudy, discolored, or foul-smelling water could mean contamination in your supply lines. Don’t drink suspect water, which poses health risks. Severe cases with system-wide impacts require emergency plumbers to inspect and disinfect the water lines.

A Bursted Pipe

If you experience the nightmare of an actively leaking pipe burst, the gushing water alone can cause substantial damage in minutes. Immediately shut off the main valve and call emergency plumbers to contain the flooding catastrophe. Don’t delay on pipe bursts.

Your Home Is Flooded

Major flooding from weather events like hurricanes requires an urgent response before water ruins structures and breeds dangerous mold infestations. If floodwaters inundate your home, call for emergency cleanup and repairs to get your home livable again ASAP.

Prolonged Clogs Lead to Backups

If all drains are completely clogged for hours, discontinue use. Chronic blockages can lead to overflows, property damage, and unsanitary conditions. Call an emergency plumber if thorough snaking can’t clear the complete obstruction.

Being able to discern plumbing crises saves stress, money, health, and home damage. Don’t hesitate to call emergency plumbers for catastrophic issues requiring immediate response. They have experience managing dire situations at all hours when plumbing catastrophes strike most inopportunely. If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, our team can help quickly diagnose and repair the problem. Call Travis & Sons Plumbing & Rooter today, and let us help you in your time of need.


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