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How frequently do you need to clean the dryer vent?

How frequently do you need to clean the dryer vent

How often clean dryer vent? A dryer vent should be cleaned often for improving the effectiveness of the dryer. Routine dryer vent cleaning can assist in taking out lint and other things that areblocking the dryer performance.

How to determine that it is the right occasion to clean your dryer vent?

  1. Existence of debris near the dryer hosepipe.
  2. The dryer vent hasn’t been checked for over a year.
  3. You see an unusual burning odour on the clothing.
  4. Your clothes are taking more time than normal to dry.
  5. The laundry space feels extremely hot while the dryer is operating.

What all is involved in a full dryer vent cleaning Atlanta?

Dryer vent cleaning Atlanta doesn’t only entail eradicating filth from the filter. There are other things that must be checked. Here are some steps that are involved in a full dryer vent cleaning.

  1. Checking of the dryer vent opening. It entails going outdoors and checking the dryer vent carefully.
  2. The next step is clearing the blockages. All grime, leaves, and animal wastes that have built up on the outside, hence, hindering the flow of lint, are taken away.
  3. The third step is the removal of the lint and other materials that have built up on the dryer vent.
  4. After that, the area at the back of the dryer is cleaned.
  5. The last step entails detailed cleaning of the dryer lint trap and the drum.

How often should you clean dryer vent?

As per the professionals, the lint trap vent needs to be cleaned after each load and dryer vent at least one time a year. But, it is advised that you clean the dryer more frequently if:

  1. Pets are around

If you keep the animals inside your home, then it means that the vents would get blocked more swiftly than homes having no pets. Thus, it is important to clean the dryer often for eradicating pet fur or hair from the vent.

  1. Family size

A big family means more loads of clothing are required to be cleaned daily. The more frequently you utilize the dryer every day, the greater the amount of lint it collects. It, thus, requires cleaning many times every year.

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